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Hair extension. Whether beauty of the victims demands?

Long hair were always considered as attribute of beauty and feminity. But not all women have by nature thick, beautiful hair inclined to rapid growth. Today there is an alternative way of acquisition of long hair by means of which it is possible to transform easily and quickly the hairdress.

any of you can Increase hair if she wishes to make it, and to it there are no contraindications.

The reasons for which it is impossible to increase hair:

1. Own length of hair is shorter, than it is demanded by technology of building.

2. If at present you pass treatment by chemotherapy, hormones or strong antibiotics that is followed by a severe hair loss.

3. If you have full or partial baldness, then this method just does not suit you.

4. If you have too sensitive head skin, then the increased hair can become for you continuous torture, especially during a dream.

5. If you have prejudices on the fact that the hair used when building cut off from the corpses concluded or psikhbolny that they bear others power or participated in magic rituals.

hair extension Stages

1. Choice of a way of building. First of all your hairdresser has to tell what methods of building he uses and to help to pick up optimum suitable way for your type of hair. At the moment there are several methods of building.

For example, the Italian technology assumes use of a keratin which is warmed special nippers and clamp, connecting your and increased locks, the small transparent capsule is as a result formed. In the Spanish technology use special glue with a whitish shade for this reason this way is suitable for a fair hair more. Still there is a way at which locks fasten at the expense of very small metal clips. Such clip-on earrings are almost imperceptible and can be used even on very short hair.

2. The choice of hair for building. Hair for building happen two types: from chemical fibers and natural. Natural, of course, it is better, they look more naturally, easily comb hair, without getting confused. Besides, they can be wound and stacked by means of a varnish or a skin. Natural hair, in turn, share on Slavic, European, east and others. Are more better are considered Slavic, but it is better to consult to the hairdresser, he will help to pick up to you the hair suitable as it is possible closer on structure, thickness and color. In salon can also advise you the necessary quantity of locks which depends on what density your hair, and from 100 to 300 varies.

3. Preparation of your hair. If you want not only to change length, but also a hair color, then it is necessary to paint your hair the preferred shade in advance. Then the head carefully washes as procedure of building has to be carried out only on clean hair. Besides, if it is necessary, then your hairdresser does a suitable hairstyle.

4. Building procedure. process lasts of 3 o`clock and more, depending on quantity of the increased locks. Locks consistently fasten on all head at small distance from roots that junctions were hidden by your native hair. After your hairdresser fixes all locks, he carries out the necessary hairstyle and laying. Besides, the master has to recommend, in how many months to you to come for removal of the increased hair or their correction and to tell about care of a new hairdress.

Care of the increased hair

Comb the increased hair a special hairbrush and it is quite frequent, since tips.

wash the Head, standing in soul, having inclined back. If to wash the head, throwing back it forward, then hair can strongly get confused.

After washing of hair surely use special balm as the increased hair need food.

you do not go to bed with wet hair, and before going to bed surely braid a braid.

Try not to subject the increased hair to influence of high temperatures, for example, to go to a sauna or to use the hair dryer at the maximum power.

Obvious minus of a hair extension is their price. This procedure not from cheap, the price depends on quality of hair and quantity of locks and makes from 300 dollars and above. It is worth to remember also that you should pay for correction or removal of the increased locks through some time too.

But the fact that in only several hours you receive a hairdress on which natural creation at you years would leave, in my opinion, considerably outweighs a material aspect of a question. And if on the second bowl of scales to put dream to be an owner of a magnificent long and thick hair, then the price has no value at all.

Making decision on that to increase hair or not, first of all, depends on that, your desire is how strong. And when there is a strong wish for something, it is better to make and regret, than on the contrary. But believe my experience, it is not necessary to be sorry!