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Why the metropolitan Philip refused blessing to the tsar?

It is known that Christ answered the question “Whether It Is Necessary to Pay to Give to the Caesar?“: “Give to the Caesar - Caesarian“, and then added: “And to God - to Bogovo“. Allow to ask: why the metropolitan Philip refused blessing to the Caesar?

Probably, he decided that requirements of the Caesar are too big and if it executes them, then will break Christ`s commandment - to give Bogovo only to God.

The metropolitan Philip, without resorting to open performances against oprichnina in the beginning, sent to Ivan the Terrible exhortative letters in which urged the tsar to reconcile and think again. The sovereign was bothered by these messages. The tsar began to call Philip Filkoy as in the people called gawks or ninnies. The tsar with a jeer called letters from the metropolitan “Useless scraps of paper“ - empty, nothing the meaning pieces of paper. The church which made a lot of things for an eminence of the imperial power itself fell a victim of the autocratic power.

We will remember how the Stream - the athlete from a song of the poet A. K. Tolstoy, having woken up after a long dream and having seen the crowd cringing to the tsar, did not hide the surprise:

“If the prince it, or the tsar finally,
What they sweep the earth before it a beard?
We abused princes, but not so!
And is full, whether truly I in Russia?
From terrestrial us god Gospod of an upasa!
Nam Pisaniyem is told to Recognize strictly
only heavenly God! whether“

it seems to you that Ivan the Terrible`s idolization contradicted norms of the Russian life? The cult of an idolization of the Caesar was characteristic of the Byzantine tradition - it passed into Christianity from pagan times. Caesars of Western Europe had no objection to idolize themselves too, but the Pope resolutely stopped such desires.

After falling of Constantinople Moscow was declared by the Third Rome, and the Byzantine tradition to idolize the Caesar passed into Moscow. If earlier grand duke had to share the power with boyars and with church, then Ivan the Terrible considered what he has only the right and any duties before given. He considered himself responsible only before God.

By the way, the church granted to the Caesar the right to punish heretics. So the metropolitan Philip who refused to bless the Caesar was for the tsar a simple heretic. It should be noted that not only the Caesar, but also the state which he directs is responsible for sins of Caesars. Russia paid for sins of the tsar Nicholas II a distemper of civil war.

Why it is impossible to admit the fact that in a samozvanshchina distemper Russia paid for Ivan the Terrible`s sins how now it pays for sins of leaders of Bolshevist revolution? Bolshevist, but not socialist.

In 1613 elected the tsar. If the people elected the tsar - mean, the power of the people is higher than imperial.

In 1917 chose Council of People`s Commissars. None of the elite allowed to re-elect himself.

Only if tsars lived on pain of God`s court, then national commissioners did not need the help of God. However, the famous seminarist in moment of life, very difficult for himself understood that it is not enough one doctrine of Lenin, and remembered God. The dictator needed blessing....