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What is the laser and as it is used in cosmetology?

the Word the laser are an acronym which is used for designation of light amplification by stimulated issue or radiation. In other words, the laser is a single-frequency (one-color) light source of big energy which can be focused precisely on transfer of this light on very small zone.

Ablative and not ablative lasers

two main types of the lasers used in the cosmetic purposes Exist: ablative and not ablative. Ablative lasers actually evaporate layers of the injured skin while not ablative lasers get more deeply into skin, without deleting and without damaging its top layers. Therefore there is no real period of rehabilitation after cosmetic procedures with use only of not ablative lasers.

the Principle of operation of lasers

the Laser monochromatic - this laser radiates light waves only of one length (color). They work for cosmetic application through the process called “selective fototermoliz“. This sophisticated word designates that it modulates the frequency of light (photo) to develop warmly (thermo) in the corresponding zone which you want to destroy (Lise). That to carry out it, the wavelength of a light beam has to be the purpose synchronized with a color, whether it be brown spots, invisible red capillaries or other undesirable skin phenomena.

Why exists so many types of lasers

Two main types of lasers are divided into a set of subspecies and literally into hundreds of different brands which fit into these subspecies. The main distinctions between types of lasers consist in length of waves. In other words, the different length of waves of lasers (different colors of lasers) are directed to different problems of skin. For this purpose also such quantity of types of lasers - is necessary for treatment of all variety of the undesirable phenomena on skin. Therefore surgeons can appoint several types of lasers for treatment of one patient.

To describe each type of the laser very long therefore we will concentrate on what lasers are the most suitable for certain cosmetic problems.

Use of lasers in cosmetology

of the Line and a wrinkle . For disposal of wrinkles it is possible to use a combination of procedures for rejuvenation and increase of elasticity of skin by means of more aggressive ablative laser, for example, CO2 (carbon dioxide) - the laser or erbium AIG - the laser. CO2 - lasers usually use for removal of warts and papillomas, and also for cutting of skin in laser surgery.

Increase of elasticity of skin . The majority of cosmetic laser procedures provide a certain level of pulling up of a surface of skin as they put to skin the controlled damages that leads to an intensification of production of collagen. For more visible effect use CO2 - lasers.

Pigmentary spots . Most often lasers use for disposal of pigmentary spots, such as freckles, age spots, a melazm and other forms of hyperpegmentation. For this purpose pulse lasers on dyes, lasers on alyumoittriyevy pomegranate with impurity of neodymium and fractional lasers, together with the system based on action of impulses of high-intensity light are the most suitable.

Pretumoral states . Almost all surgeons agree that pretumoral states should be deleted by means of a scalpel to be convinced of purity of borders and their full removal. Deleting precancer educations, such as solar keratoz before they become malignant, now widely use ablative lasers, such as CO2 - lasers and erbium AIG - lasers.

Vascular damages. Vascular damages include the damaged front vessels, ugly veins standing, a star-shaped gemangioma, hematomas and some birthmarks, a capillary gemangioma. For such skin deviations usually use the laser system based on action of impulses of high-intensity light as it is least invasive. Also for these purposes use pulse lasers on dyes, lasers on alyumoittriyevy pomegranate with impurity of neodymium and semiconductor diode lasers.

Tattoos : for removal of tattoos remain popular CO2 - lasers and lasers on alyumoittriyevy pomegranate with neodymium impurity.

Removal of hair : efficiency and safety of laser removal of hair depends on a pigment in skin and the patient`s hair. For black patients lasers on alyumoittriyevy pomegranate with impurity of neodymium and semiconductor diode lasers are more suitable; for patients with lighter skin more effective are the lasers based on action of impulses of high-intensity light.

Eels and acne scars : for deeper acne scars CO2 - lasers though recent researches proved efficiency of erbium AIG - lasers, fractional and some not ablative lasers in treatment of more superficial acne hems remain the gold standard. For treatment of active eels use LED technologies.