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Quail eggs. Whether they deserve the glory?

Quail eggs are long since known as the dietary product possessing a set of useful qualities. It is considered that eggs of quails are acquired better, than chicken, and their main distinctive feature is hypoallergenic properties. And still, whether really such eggs it is more useful than some eggs?

the fact that quail eggs considerably surpass by the content of vitamins and mineral substances chicken does not cause disputes. Eggs of quails are much richer with potassium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium, and also content of vitamins A, PP, B1, B2, B12. It is possible to tell that they really surpass chicken in flavoring and nutritious qualities.

But the opinion of doctors disperses from the widespread point of view that quail eggs possess hypoallergenic properties. Any protein is capable to cause allergic reaction. The immune system of the person can perceive as alien absolutely different protein including protein of quail eggs and meat.

Why the doctor can recommend to the allergic person to replace eggs quail? Such advice is given just for the reason that the person with an allergy to chicken protein can have no allergic reaction to quail protein (and vice versa). So quail eggs - this a product valuable in every respect - unfortunately, are not allocated with any special “magic properties“ for which them sometimes call “a miracle - eggs“.

Also the statement that quail eggs do not contain causative agents of salmonellosis is disputable (this dangerous microorganism quite often infected eggs). It is considered that the structure of a shell of quail eggs does not allow salmonellas to get in egg: a time in a shell very small therefore bacteria of a salmonella remain on an egg surface.

But in a fragile shell there are cracks, and they can be sometimes imperceptible to an unaided look. Through microscopic cracks in a shell of a salmonella, and also causative agents of other dangerous intestinal infections, get into edible part of egg. And still for fans of crude quail eggs risk to ache with salmonellosis much less provided that integrity of a shell is not broken (dangerous bacteria really do not get through a finely porous cover of egg).

Adults can enter into the diet crude quail eggs, even despite a real opportunity to catch salmonellosis. But it is imprudent to risk health of the child. For children there have to be under a ban soft-boiled eggs and fried eggs, without speaking about crude eggs.

Upon purchase of quail eggs it is extremely important to pay attention to an expiration date of this product. Demand for such eggs is usually lower, than on chicken therefore quail eggs semifresh is not a rarity in our shops.

Useful properties and taste of quail eggs were estimated long ago by admirers of this product. But nevertheless it is worth remembering that advertizing time unreasonably extols “a miracle - eggs“ and their “magic“ qualities. Anyway, we, consumers, have to approach the choice of any products which are offered to us by trade consciously.