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Than justice can be helped by a shark? The strange story of the magazine

the Word “shark“ causes fear even if saw a shark only on the picture or in the movie. But the role at cinema is given to sharks not the most attractive - floating jaws of sympathy do not cause especially as also harakterets at the toothy big fish not the most friendly.

Many consider that all sharks very large fishes, but it far not so. Liliputians whose size no more than 20 centimeters also occur among predators. And the largest individuals of this family reach twenty meters in length.

A body at a shark most often torpedo-shaped, capable to gather a high speed. Therefore sharks treat high-speed fishes. The live torpedo is obliged to be in the continuous movement because gills of the sea predator are arranged in such a way that supply an organism with oxygen, only when it quickly floats. Let`s tell that it is huge plus - at their gluttony obesity does not threaten sharks.

The fact that the majority of fishes of this look - predators, is known to all cases of attack of sharks on people really happen. But sharks do not disdain anything. They find the victim on a smell as sight at sea hunters bad, but can catch vibration from future lunch, and then quickly overtake it.

If to dump any thing from the ship, the shark will rush for production and will swallow inedible. These are really gluttonous fishes. What only rarities do not remain in a live antique shop: frying pans, wine bottles, not blown up shells of World War II and many other things hired by the predator.

In the museum of the city of Kingston, capital of Jamaica, the magazine which became a subject of the proof of fault of unique lawsuit is stored. And gluttony of a shark helped to achieve justice. The logbook was found incidentally. And everything began with the fact that the brig - the privateer floating in the Caribbean Sea began to be engaged in criminal activity.

What is a privateer? The ships belonging to individuals. Generally it were captains who received special preferences from the government. The authorities of the warring country gave to the captain of a privateer the right not only to detain and check the vessels carrying goods from the neutral countries but also to seize the enemy trade ships transporting military smuggling.

This strange story happened in the eighteenth century. At that time the certain American Bergs who was the captain of a brig - a privateer, gave to himself special additional powers: to expropriate not only military smuggling, but also valuable objects and jewelry.

In other words, the captain became a pirate and seized the trade ships of the neutral countries. If vessels transported nothing valuable, the pirate released them. The ships which had jewelry, gold and silver were waited by a sad fate - the team and the vessel were destroyed.

As they say, murder will out - the stolen good it was necessary to market. Rumors about criminal activity of the captain - the pirate began to be spread. Having received such data, the English government decided to detain him the vessel in the Caribbean Sea where it at that time traded.

The captain was arrested and brought by the warship of Britain together with crew to Port - Royal. But the destiny, probably, had a kind feeling to the prisoner - stolen it was not succeeded to find traces. Besides the logbook where data with what vessels the brig was crossed were written down, was thrown providently out overboard.

Perhaps, on it history of the pirate both would end, and he would live in clover long if not sea hunters behind any production, whether it be even the logbook. One of the English trade ships which went to Jamaica appeared will of a case in a strip of a full calm.

Sailors solved on the compelled rest to fish and caught not only the small small fish, but also a huge shark. “Archive“ of the predator was drawn, and fairly shabby document was taken outside. The logbook of a piracy brig - a privateer was, of course, not in the best state, but which - that managed to be read. The court considered the proof of fault, and Bergs received deserved punishment. The pirate was executed.

There is such interesting story where the shark played a positive role - the truth, in life, but not at cinema.