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What the birthmark begins with?

are difficult to meet the person at whom was not would like one body birthmark, most often - them a little. These darling specks in the most different places visible and invisible settle down, but leave a mark not only on a body, and is frequent also at heart.

So, one birthmarks, tiny and beautiful, give a reason to be proud of themselves if on certain values characterize us as unusual and remarkable people: birthmarks over a lip allocate them the carrier with “passion of nature“, and points of “the third eye“, those that appear between eyebrows, can speak about tendency to mysticism.

Other birthmarks, as a rule, less “nice“ and big by the size, force the person to have complex, enter into a constant stress, provoke nervous breakdowns in which he endures not the best moments of the life.

But whether so everything is serious actually? Whether it is possible on an arrangement of tags on a face to find answers to questions which hide pages of our destiny?

The birthmark which on - scientific is called “nevus“ represents the pigmented spot, it accumulates in itself melanin. Most often it almost imperceptibly to an eye, but the size can sometimes have the whole centimeter a diameter, and even it is more. Color can be a miscellaneous too: from light-a brown shade to dark, almost black tones. Everything depends by nature educations.

By the way, at various times treated birthmarks too absolutely differently. In the Middle Ages of their owner branded the press of a devil, and in all ways tried to cast out a demon from soul of the person. The method of piercing of a speck a needle was the most widespread. If after that from a birthmark blood, then the girl did not begin to exude, and we speak about “witches“ now, burned on a fire, having recognized her indisputable communication with a devil.

In a century of XVII - m the general enlightenment of consciousness occurred: people, having remembered that the standard of female beauty of time of Venus had a birthmark too, began to recognize suddenly these tags not as the press of evil forces, but feature of character of the person. Even men, having forgotten prejudices, began to paste “birthmarks“ to themselves on the person to be more mysterious and more beautiful.

Of course, now we it is aware (and all thanks to science and the Internet) that the reasons for emergence of birthmarks can be a little: it and the theory about defects of skin and good-quality new growths, and the space theory about “birthmarks - antennas“, allowing us not only to perceive information from space, but also to block undesirable influence on the person from the outside, and, of course, the esoteric theory assuming that the birthmark is a sign of this or that way passed by the person.

Anyway, something “native“ and close to spirit to the person in a birthmark is - many of us treat birthmarks as to part of and do not give that either positive, nor negative sense. Of course, if the spot very big, it not only is inconvenient, but also it is dangerous from the point of view of health: you should not injure it constantly. But anyway it is necessary to get rid of birthmarks only in the most extreme cases and having addressed the best experts in this area.

It is the best of all to remember that any darling speck “left“ by someone on your body regardless of its color and the size is a part of your unique image, external feature, or perhaps even “board“ from negative impact. Know it, you love and you are proud of the birthmarks, the main sense as it seems to us, disappears in such simple and its kind value: “darling“.