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Fears and horrors of Wi - Fi: in each baize - an element of truth?

“The murderer - the invisible being“ - so nicknamed Wi - Fi some Russian and world scientists. The main thesis against the wireless Internet - the constant radiation in which there are residents of the large cities. Whether Wi is valid - Fi is so dangerous?

this Question not that new, but concerns people more and more. With the advent of advertizing of the next superpowerful router Zyxel for corporate use and portable routers of Lexand (the producer stakes on “country“ use), at forums and in blogs comments it seems “appear... And so from this Wi - Fi not to take cover anywhere“ or “I heard, it is harmful to children!“.

Portable routers, by the way, very much can become a trend of 2013 in Russia. It is impossible to call covering 3G in our country uniform. And in housing estates often there is such situation when to find stable reception, it is necessary to get on the second floor of the house or in general on an attic.

The portable router (that Lexand device) where it is connected 3G - the modem, solves this problem, distributing the Internet on Wi - Fi on all house and on all devices. Plus some models are capable even to charge other mobile devices by means of the removable accumulator on 5 200 mach or 7 800 mach - one more occasion to take the device Lexand on the dacha, in a campaign or in a trip on the car. But then it turns out that even far from a civilization we will continue to be under the influence of “harmful“ radiation. Or all - harmless? Let`s try to understand all pros and cons to find a definite answer.

the True-life story

to realize all scale of a question, is enough to prosherstit a network on Wi - Fi - fob. Such on light it is enough. In the USA there is the whole settlement Greene Bank where on the area of 33 thousand square kilometers use not that wireless networks, and any electronics is forbidden. From all states move “infected with Vi here - fay“. Certain alarmists construct to themselves hats, raincoats, walls from a foil - allegedly, protection against radiation.

Quirky businessmen even let out wall-paper which blocks a signal from Wi - Fi at the price of 800 dollars for a roll. They work allegedly by means of the silver crystals applied on a surface. In Amsterdam producers of a popular chocolate as an advertizing campaign established shops with the plate of Free No - WiFi Zone, that is literally “Free of charge Vi is not here - fy“. Traditional formula: that for one - fear and horror, for others - quite good profit.

the Ministry of Health warns

A here what physicians threaten. There is a set of the publications which are based on researches which at the exit show all negative from use of Wi - Fi. Fear number one - influence on a potentiality at men and on quality of sperm. Fear number two - influence on brain activity of the person. At the third number - harm for children, their cranium is many times thinner. the Science disproves

Enough to give several figures available and known practically all: peak power of a cellular signal reaches 8 W, a signal of household Wi - transmitter Fi - 100 MW. The admissible density of a stream of energy (on the SANPIN 2. 1. 8 / 2. 2. 4) - 0,1 W/m 2 . And energy stream density - the physical quantity in number equal to an energy stream through the single platform, perpendicular to the direction.

A conclusion is obvious: radiation of the wireless Internet does not exceed the established norms in any way. The best protection against undesirable radiation is a distance. And, 1 m there is enough (but scientists “are insured“ and recommend nevertheless 3,5 m). Much more big danger (and in figures it by 10 times bigger radiation) is presented by the same 3G - modems as work on signals of cellular communication. From there is one more conclusion: Wi - Fi routers even reduce risks of radiation, allowing to sustain a necessary distance. And if not to put a router to the head and other parts of a body, then, obviously, harm to a brain or reproductive system of Wi - Fi will not bring.

And how to treat the WHO data of numerous experiences and experiments shown the same? With a considerable share of scepticism, for any evidence-based conclusions supervision over “experimental“ has to last about three decades, and it is better than several generations. Wi - Fi is used widely less than 20 years …