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Strong woman or single mother?

to Become single mother now, unfortunately, not a rarity. What is felt by the woman who remained one with the child under heart? I know … Pity to itself to feel loneliness which softens only understanding that in you still absolutely small life grows, wild need on the stomach strong male hands, desire to be the treated kindly and shrouded tenderness and care not only close relatives and the best friends, but also to they …

can So go crazy and that it did not occur, it is necessary to carry out work on himself, every day, step by step approaching a victory over this state!

Once I woke up and understood that from now on everything will change, everything will be differently, and I it is obligatory for a camp mother, best, strongest in the world, and I will prove everything that from now on I am not weak! And these thoughts became medicine for my heart, I understood one simple truth, there is no person who would be worthy experiences of my child, and forcing to cry itself, I, first of all, force to be nervous the one who will call very soon me “MOTHER“!

I knew then, and I want that all those who are in this situation now knew: if now you one, then it just now, you surely find the worthy man who is brought up by the worthy woman who having come to love you very much, will fall in love also with your continuation, your child! Only strong men are capable of it, and in hands of such men, as we know, the woman can feel weak and therefore absolutely happy!

One to be, undoubtedly, difficult, difficult not only emotionally, but also difficult financially, the state does not hurry to provide adequately those who become a mother. I remember the moment when I, having filled in all necessary documents, understood that on the child less than 150 rubles are necessary, it was the awful moment from which to me it became just ridiculous, but I right there remembered that we live in Russia and therefore calmed down and did not come back more to this subject even in thoughts.

But besides, here it is important to understand that anyway, you now in the answer not only for itself, but also for the child, and it is really huge incentive to the movement, it is an additional breath of fresh air, be not afraid of these difficulties because you surely will overcome them! I began to write, I began to embroider, I began to try to find for myself earnings which would allow me to receive money without leaving the house, I found for this time, I was moved by great responsibility for the child and understanding that everything depends only on me.

This article - first of all the push for work on itself in the psychological plan, is your way to the real victory over the fear of loneliness! “Single mother“ is something formal, it is so accepted to call heroic women in sots. protection and court, in a whisper on a shop and in a simple gossip, this greatest delusion, go on it to yourself over and over again! The one who raises the child is not lonely! It is not lonely, and is strong and fantastically rich! The single the one who lost all this who is coward and pathetic in the uncertainty! And let now on the way of a barrier and difficulty, all will be surely good, you are already awarded by the kid!