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Being - past mistakes or lessons for the future?

my friend long met the person with whom there were difficult relations. When the relations reached a deadlock, they left because to live in such tension became intolerable. The new relations were successful because, having passed through experience of the previous relations, it took out certain lessons.

“First of all, in the last relations I recognized myself therefore precisely I know what I want from the partner. Without the last relations would not be new“, - she explained.

Many people, living in the new harmonious relations, remember the former partners. And not that they wanted to return the former relations, it is rather, attempt to treat the past on - philosophically, to understand and something useful to take out for themselves.

Not for nothing, probably, present partners, in most cases, are jealous of the past, being afraid that the past hid in a heart corner.

For one former are those which left pain for the rest of life, for others - vague reminiscence which causes grief. When the former partners recur to the memory, the person with grief reflects: “Why this person met on the way, having left heart scratch or just reminiscence?“

is known Long ago that casual people in our life are not. If to former there was not indifferent relation - could not forget the person, there was a rage, so you did not understand yet for what to you this person on the way met.

One people meet in order that we could reveal the inner world through this person, understand ourselves. Even when it seems what difficult relations and the person causes you troubles, it is necessary always to try to understand himself to decide what to do with the relations. People through difficult relations learn themselves that it is useful to them in future relations.

Happens that former irritate, to them test rage, referring that they in the past arrived badly, having left bitterness. But hardly to you the person met the purpose to salt specially. Most likely, you this person deny, he irritates you because it specularly reflects you. Usually, when people in someone see the negative lines, it is unpleasant to them to realize it. But so happens not always, it is only one of options when the person irritates.

Or, on the contrary, the person disappointed you and passed into the category “former“, then you meet its contrast and appreciate its lines. In this case you should not abuse being for the fact that they are not ideal because all disappointments were preparation for a meeting with the present that you could estimate the happiness in the new relations.

Also former partners can act as the teacher. They taught to be stronger, to survive, be kinder, better than someone, to feel others pain, not to repeat certain mistakes, eventually, to love.

If you left the person, but from time to time remember him with love, offense or grief, then analyse for what it met in your life.

What you received from it (experience, learned something new)?
As changed you after a meeting with it?
C than is associated this person?
What you learned to appreciate in the relations?

Only you will be able to answer a question for what you the destiny with this person reduced and parted. Show consideration for people whom you face in life, perhaps, you will see some signs which will be for you difficult.