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Where and how the general Kornilov died?

On the website the Association of Cossacks of Azerbaijan which is headed by the general Victor Vasilyevich Mereshkin paid attention to the following lines:

“Cossacks have the charter and the Cossack banner: Xing - it is red - a green standard with shity gold Georgy - Pobedonosts; there is also the daily form - “kornilovka“, in honor of the general Kornilov who died at capture of Krasnodar.“

the Mass of mistakes in one offer!

Allow to remind that the general of Monasteries Georgiyevich Kornilov died at Ekaterinodar`s storm in March 31 (on April 13), 1918 and in the spring of 1918 white Ekaterinodar was not succeeded to take, the city was taken white in August, 1918, and Ekaterinodar was renamed Krasnodar in 1920, after establishment of the Soviet power in Kuban. These facts are known to any person who was interested in history of Civil war in Kuban.

I understand that Azerbaijan - nowadays this sovereign state which has the right to have the views of history events. But Cossacks remain Cossacks especially as the general Victor Vasilyevich Mereshkin, the ataman of the Azerbaijani Cossacks, is also the plenipotentiary of the Kuban Cossacks in Azerbaijan.
Why Cossacks of Azerbaijan distort the Russian history? As far as I know, in Baku there is the Baku Slavic university. It would be desirable to understand what history is taught in BSU if Cossacks of Azerbaijan so badly know the Russian history …

nevertheless Will be indulgent to the ataman Mareshkin. It is not lonely in the views of history. The famous historian - the caucasiologist, professor Rudolf Ivanov said in one of the interviews the following:

“…. in mysterious circumstances in April, 1918 near Krasnodar the general of Monasteries Kornilov was killed - someone threw the grenade to it into a window though officially told that to the house where it was, the shell got. Kornilov was buried right there nearby, but then Bolsheviks dug his body from a grave and burned on a fire.“

Ya I think that - to the caucasiologist it is a shame to Russian historian not to know that the general Kornilov was killed at Ekaterinodar`s storm, and the new name - Krasnodar - the city received later, in 1920, after establishment of the Soviet power. As for circumstances of death of the general Kornilov, mysterious circumstances was not; it is enough to remember, what was written by the general Denikin.

“The enemy grenade, - the general A. I. Denikin wrote, - only one got to the house, only to Kornilov`s room when it was in it, and killed only him one. The mystical cover of eternal secret covered ways and fulfillments of unknown will“.

Having invented Krasnodar which was not existing in 1918, Rudolf Ivanov decided to give also the version of circumstances of death of the general Kornilov. The tribe of the fabulists considering themselves as historians - is ineradicable.

P . S. As for the general Victor Vasilyevich Mereshkin, it should be noted that this general likes to speak and is able to speak very fascinatingly,
an August, 1996 More, the ataman of Vsekubansky Cossack army of V. P. Thunders received from the Baku association of the Kuban Cossacks news that on Sara`s island “Anton Golovaty`s grave is found“. This information interested the management of VKV and department of culture of administration of Krasnodar Krai. And here in September, 1996 the scientific expedition was sent to Azerbaijan. When expedition from Krasnodar arrived to Sara`s island, Cossacks of the ataman Mareshkin led guests from Kuban to a stone which lay between ranks of a vineyard. At inspection it became clear that this stone about one and a half was set up hundred years ago on a grave the captain - the lieutenant Vasily Alennikov who died in November, 1841. Though the place of burial of the ataman Golovaty was not revealed, at the beginning of June, 2004 RIA Novosti published information according to which, it was claimed that in the capital of Azerbaijan the monument to the ataman Anton Golovaty will be erected. These data were received from the ataman V. Mereshkin who declared that from Sara`s island in the Lankaran district of Azerbaijan ashes of the ataman will be transferred to Baku. Passes a few years more and the ataman Mereshkin makes the new statement. Having absolutely forgotten the previous statements, Victor Merezhkin, says already that works on the project of a monument to the ataman Anton Golovaty in Lenkorani are complete.