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The best friends of girls - diamonds, and who the best friends? The ode of costume jewelry

If to ask the woman that it means by the words “jewelry“, any will tell words at once - “gold, platinum, diamonds, jewels“, as a last resort will mention silver. However not always we can wear only expensive jewelry of precious metals.

It is indisputable, any of us will not refuse qualitative and beautiful expensive products, but not everyone we are wives of oligarchs, and we are not able to afford a wide choice of jewelry under all the clothes. Eventually, it is also unsafe - to carry them in any situation even if we also have them.

Of course when you go for solid action like wedding in the companies of the husband, you are brought there by family car, you leave from there too “under protection“ the spouse, god then ordered to get grandmother`s diamonds from a chest. But you will not put on an earring cost in several thousands of c.u. if you go somewhere on public transport? And from where to the average woman to take so many gold products and under evening dresses and to change regularly jewelry, selecting them under everyday clothes? And here all are come to the rescue by costume jewelry.

It is not necessary to be afraid of this word and to sniff contemptuously, long ago times when at the word “costume jewellery“ cheap ear rings from coarse plastic or frightening metal bracelets occurred at once consigned to the past. Now it is beautiful, stylish and qualitative production of well-known companies. It is possible to find jewelry which can be distinguished from the presents only on lack of a brand about breakdown in shops, so they are similar to gold.

Here the description of some materials of which the modern costume jewelry is made by :

Jeweller steel 316L. Perhaps, the most popular material for production of costume jewelry, various gadgets, watch cases. It does not cause an allergy, is very steady against any external influences, even against acids and alkalis. It is not deformed, does not grow dull, can be both white (under platinum), and yellow color - a shade of “sparkling“ gold.

Products with gold covering 18K GRP. As material serves a medical alloy, copper, tin, bronze, steel where the thinnest layer applies gold 750 - y tests. Thanks to it jewelry has the appearance very similar to gold. Sometimes on a product it is possible to see - “18K GRP white gold“, it in case a product of white color. Such jewelry looks very effectively, costs not much.

Medno - the nickel alloy covered with silver 925 - y tests. Neallergenno, looks rather presentably, products cannot practically be distinguished from silver by sight.

a silver 925 Alloy - y test and cupronickel. Does not lose a trade dress when carrying, looks very beautifully, it is difficult to distinguish from the thing which is completely made of silver by sight too.

the costume jewelry from materials of a natural origin is Very popular. It can be genuine leather, nacreous sinks, pieces of quartz, rock crystal, granite.

the pieces of costume jewelry made of the stiffened volcanic lava just rushed Into fashion now. Medallions, bracelets, rings are cut out from pieces of a lava of black, gray, red flowers, attribute them curative properties about which if to tell the truth, I did not find authoritative information. Anyway, such products look beautifully and unusually.

are Made by different features where small insects and plants are soldered in transparent plastic. Videla medalyonchik with sea asterisks and sea horses inside, still very much were pleasant pendents for different zodiac signs with the sealed clover leaflet. Beautifully, cool, fashionably.

Now several words in favor of costume jewelry :

Price. The most expensive and elite costume jewelry all the same will cost to you much more cheaper gold jewelry.

From the aforesaid we draw a conclusion that it is always possible to buy what it is fashionable to pick up without special damage to a purse, even not one, and several sets under any your clothes.

the Modern costume jewelry passes rigid control on absence of an allergy to it. Of course, there are exceptions, however the rare occurences of an allergy even on gold are known.

Many stars do not disdain to carry costume jewelry. The foundation to it was laid by Marilyn Monroe who spoke: “Everything that sparkles, has the right for life“. Still it is necessary to tell that celebrated personalities quite often for safety put on not expensive jewelry which they have, and their qualitative analogs various actions. Gold, diamonds and rubies quietly lie in well protected safes, and we also do not guess that some representative has bohemias on a neck, hands and fingers only a good fake.

Well and the most important that needs to be remembered always - it is necessary to appreciate the woman not quantity and cost of its jewelry. But it is already a few other history …