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Do not confuse tourism to emigration. Integration and assimilation - in what a difference? Part 2

Completely the emigrant cannot replace mentality and it is not necessary. Why to break itself through a knee and to refuse own values? It will be told by any qualified psychologist specializing in emigration problems.

Can only correct, arrange own mentality under local realities and to have big readiness it to make. And to have big readiness to apprehend others mental, household, behavioural and cultural values as friendly, but not as alien. To accept them, but not to reject. Often - to accept with all shortcomings.

And not to be afraid to communicate with local population, to treat with attention to local “to a broykha und zitten“, not to become isolated in the environment. And also to give itself work though sometimes to happen in the museums, at concerts, at exhibitions. And to read - if not books, then in any case the German newspapers. Here “Die Welt“ very much promotes...

And, of course, it is good or very good to learn language in its classical, but not dialect option. That is it is grammatical correct to own “hokhdoychy“ - with accent or without - it is not so important because the culture is first of all the speech. All this demands big, sometimes very big everyday work and sometimes compromises. And also healthy ambition and belief “I will be able“.

And when you after some time are able to call quite deservedly yourself “the person of the European culture“ is and will mean integration moral. If it turned out - bravo, respect. People of the most different nationalities and the countries of an outcome can be people of the European culture - it means only that culture of Europe - their culture, it became part of their personal property.

Of course, there is a weight “proud as petrels“ the Post-Soviet “sons of Germany“ who are carefully accepted by it however not persons interested to burden themselves with attention to a way of life of indigenous people. And persistently breaking with the charter others monastery.

They are deeply convinced that all around in this Germany are simply obliged to speak in Russian, to adapt to their requirements, to incessantly arrange their destiny and to understand the unpredictable movements them, these sons, mysterious soul, “because not figs“. Because all of us such “spiritual and sincere“ - and they, natives, certainly, are not present. Continuous callousness and inspirituality.

Integration physical is directly connected with employment, with work. And here everything is very difficult. Someone has a specialty demanded in Germany, he confirms the diploma or takes a qualification examination - and finds work without special problems. Doctors, scientists, the qualified engineers, as a rule, find work in short terms.

Someone especially vigorous begins the business. But to the majority all this is it is not possible and not all aspire to it. And there is a wish to work.

Someone has no demanded specialty. And the diploma, say, humanitarian, university, it cannot confirm. But also it it does not matter. The most important - sincere desire to work, be retrained, be improved. It is also physical part of integration.

Which - who begins with volunteering. It is dear socially demanded work which is often leading to receiving the place and a rate. But such it is a little.

Which - who goes on courses. Courses, say, social workers - the most necessary thing.

Courses in Germany great variety. And even the unemployed can pay occupations in Folkskhokhshule. Here only does not want. Well, does not want - and all here. It - a bird proud, and to a priest from a sofa will not tear off because this bottom has a heavy depression. And it is a pity. But you, dear reader, not such, truth?

But even if so far - I emphasize while - it is impossible with work in any way, do not despair, please. Go to seminars on drawing up the summary. Learn it. Make the summary in due form - it is necessary. Go to courses on drawing up and writing of projects. The useful project which is successfully made in a co-authorship can receive financing, and you - a working rate.

Go to an evening school of language - let few times in a week, it will help to support German “in working order“, and sometimes and to learn English.

Computer courses, let “for teapots“ - go safely. The Internet - this your information field, the assistant in mailing of the summary, and can - who knows - the working tool, the sphere of a side job and a source let small, but earnings. Without the Internet to you anywhere.

And to dispatch, dispatch, distribute the summary. Here so, mechanically. Hundred, two hundred, three hundred, five hundred. Everywhere, where you could work. Being going to dispatch patiently, daily, to numerous refusals and failures and perceiving them philosophically. Somewhere yes will work. Yes, sometimes it is necessary to be ready to act from the place, to move.

Only not to despair, not to lower hands, not to fall into grief and a depression. And if it happened “to catch“ this depression - quicker to the psychologist, do not start. Now it is quite enough Russian-speaking psychologists, they can be found even in not really big towns, and the hospital cash desk, as a rule, pays their services. Sometimes three - four conversations with the psychologist happen enough that everything in life rose on the places.

You chose difficult, but very worthy way - you want to work, want to be built in the German society. You want to be integrated. You have a specific remarkable goal, you are worthy sincere respect. And let anyone tells anything behind your back - do not pay attention and move forward.

And one fine day if you very much want it and very persistently to it you go, work itself will find you. Also the second part of your integration - physical will take place. And your children will be proud of you. And it is the most important. Generally for the sake of them, our children, we also started all this marlezonsky ballet under the name “moving to Germany“, the truth?

Believe that integration - business though difficult, demanding forces and time, but real. Take the author the word. It is assimilation for the first generation it is illusory - and integration is not. It is only necessary to want very much - and to do for implementation of your desire everything .

And instead of sitting on a bottom exactly, to ache, “all to long“, to drink and complain - take the first step, make the competent summary. Also dispatch it to start firms, say, in ten. If receive at least three - four answers are already success. If at least one invitation to interview - you on a right way.

Be not afraid, be afraid of nothing. The road will be mastered by going.