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Why we deceive?

since the childhood to us are repeated that it is necessary to be honest and to tell always the truth. But if we look around, then we will notice that all lie and deceive. the Habit to deceive begins to be formed by

with the early childhood. So, for example, the kid, showing the curiosity, broke a toy or broke favourite mother`s spirits, and his parents abused for it and, perhaps, even punished.

The child, being afraid of punishment, goes for deception because it the psychological factor - fear directs. Fear of punishment, fear of exposure … Here it, the real illness, and frequent deception are its symptoms and consequences.

And sometimes people just prefer to be silent. But it is one of types of lie too. If we keep back something, so we hide the truth, truth.

The one who changes the opinion only from one whiff of wind of fashion is afraid to lose respect. It is difficult to express the thoughts, to tell the truth, meanwhile so far all others try to ignore it, to hide, are afraid to look the black sheep. To tell the truth, it is necessary to have big courage. Therefore it is simpler “to be covered“ with the standard deception!

The person hiding the thoughts and feelings or is afraid of condemnation from society, or is afraid to seem helpless in this cruel world. There is nothing more awfully, than to feel contempt of those who are united by values of the fashionable world and who are ready to destroy the pure and open person.

The lie keeps all our fears: fear of people, fear of society, fear of the family and friends, fear of life and its circumstances, not always easy and quickly deciding.

The lie is a form of falseness by means of which we can look at some objects and circumstances on the other hand where there is our benefit.

If I do not know how to change this or that situation, then I can remake and embellish, recolour a little it, so to speak, in other color. And then I will be able not to suffer and not to suffer, I changed it to these.

Whether deception by the evil is? Whether really it bears in itself(himself) fear? We when we lie, underestimate abilities of the one whom we deceive?

The fact that the lie is a lie gives a sign language. So all this leads to a conclusion that animals are much more truthful, than “brushed“ with culture and reason of people.

As I already noted, the major factor of lie is a fear. Over time at the person such qualities as egoism, cowardice, absence of confidence begin to appear, the rough imagination is shown that leads to bigger delusion and deception. They are shown in the form of actions even if necessary, but false, offenses, wounds which we cause, without reflecting, but we do not forgive when they are put to us.

Infinite talk goes about nonexistent circumstances. Completely there is no trust in friendship, in science, in policy. Nobody trusts anybody. So time all lie why we have to trust those people who act in telecasts? And to whom to us to trust?

Every year life becomes more artificial, and the friendly and human relations - senseless, all lie around.

And here some solutions of this problem.

The main thing - should not be afraid ! It is necessary also to begin “to study“ himself. Still ancient philosophers said that it is the first step to knowledge of gods and the Universe allowing to learn and people with whom we divide our life.

Still I want to add that it is necessary “to switch off“ a little the imagination and to look at the world eyes which see all pluses and minuses of surrounding reality.