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What was made by Jacques - Yves Cousteau?

Jacques - Yves Cousteau, the inventor of an aqualung, the researcher of the World Ocean, the director and the ecologist was born on June 11, 1910. Its numerous oceanographic researches formed the basis of 115 documentaries and a set of books about riddles of the underwater world. it would Seem to

, in the XX century on Earth remained the studied corners. But there was a person who turned the look on the underwater world striking with the volume and greatness. To Jacques - Iva Cousteau plainly nobody was engaged in studying of the ocean and underwater life.

The main achievement of Cousteau was the fact that he opened for the first for mankind the mysterious and huge world which is at the same time so close from the person and is so far. “If I in a few words wanted to express sense of my life, I would write what constantly thought of: I dreamed to relieve the person of Earth fetters, to invent the means allowing it to be exempted from the borders established by the nature“, - he admitted.

Biographers claim that for the first time Jacques - Yves understood that from now on the World Ocean, in 1936 - m to year when dived into the Mediterranean Sea wearing spectacles for scuba diving will become his passion. In 1943 he together with the engineer Emile Gagnan invented an autonomous space suit with an aqualung, having tested it directly in Seine (their invention was applied already during World War II when the first scuba divers cleared the water area of France of the German mines). By the way, war did not prevent Jacques`s hobby - Yves: the passionate photographer and the operator, then it invented a chamber for underwater shootings and managed to shoot three movies!

But the real glory came to the Commodore as he was called by relatives, in the fifties. Then he got the written-off mine trawler of the British Naval Forces, named him Calypso and turned into mobile station for underwater researches.

The pioneer of the underwater world, it in many respects was the first: found the sunk cities of antiquity at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea, plunged under ices of Antarctica and showed to mankind beauty of polar landscapes, investigated possibilities of the person to live and work long time under water.

And to earn money for the researches and to popularize them, he the first thought up to use cinema and television for promotion of the projects - in forty years Cousteau shot 115 documentaries which do not lose relevance still!

The first feature film of Cousteau “In the world of silence“ appeared 1956 - m to year. The director received “Oscar“ and the Palm branch of the Cannes Film Festival for it. In 1967 the premiere of the new television series “Underwater Odyssey of Team of Cousteau“ which chained to TV screens the whole world for several decades took place, and a voice of the Commodore who is charging extra the offscreen text in English with strong French accent became “business card“ of series. Its popularity was so high that in 80 - e years to it even suggested to propose the candidacy for president of France!

Even modern prosperity of the countries located in the Persian Gulf - work of team of Cousteau: in 1954 - m to year it conducted researches for the oil company and found the richest oil fields in coast of Arabian Peninsula.