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Mistress: the goddess of love or an entertainment for the man?

Once in the train to me the attractive woman at whom the fellow traveller`s syndrome when there is a wish to pootkrovennichat, be uttered worked met and forever to part, any more never without meeting. She told of private life in which I was surprised by one fact. her husband met by

After a wedding the woman who became his mistress. “They walked 10 years until I convinced it to go to live abroad. We left, and their novel ended …“ - she concluded.

10 years! Since first year of a marriage. Impressed me, how quietly this woman accepted this situation. Grown wise experience and vital training, she argued on the mistress somehow on - philosophically … the unambiguous relation was

To a role of the mistress never: one contemptibly condemn her, others consider as very fairly clever woman.

It is accepted to think that if the woman the clear head, the beauty, she is idolized only and will not dare to use. If she is better than the wife to value, so the man it. But the man can meet for years the smart mistress, enjoying her society, beauty and caress, without giving anything in exchange, except the spent time. Having been satiated with her communication, he runs in careful embraces of the wife.

So all - the mistress - the goddess of love or … an entertainment for the man?

to the Mistress should not wait until the man estimates her deep soul, usually married men seek elsewhere the easy relations without excess sincere experiences. They want to escape from the collected family problems therefore they seek temporary consolation at the mistress. Often the mistress becomes harbor for the tired traveler because when the mistress needs to unburden the heart - he will not have time as he will solve problems with the wife, with children, with work.
the Man such is that does not love when from it something is demanded or waited. The classical mistake of mistresses - to live in expectation when the man falls in love with it and will leave a family. Discrepancy of the purposes leads to the fact that the man urgently retires, did not wallow in new obligations to the mistress yet. The goddess of love has to know about it initially - the man does not get the relation with the mistress with the purpose to leave a family.
the Classical role of the mistress - to brighten up sad family life of the man, it has no obligations to the mistress. It compensates by various bouquets, gifts and other tinsel. The mistress to be morally heavy because she always playing a supporting role, on a background.
Cannot tell that all mistresses are same and live according to the identical scenario. They agree to the relations without obligations with the different purpose. Someone in these relations looks for material support, wants to benefit, receive pleasant pastime, or it nastoyashchayalyubov to the married man that too not a rarity.
also such situation that the mistress becomes late and unexpected love for the man Happens span>. The man, being burdened with a family, suddenly met love.
But for all troubles transferred by the mistress she bathes in tenderness, the man arranges it romantic meetings, introducing holidays in her life. She is not burdened with family efforts, she does not need to prepare for it, to erase. Here the mistress will be envied by any wife. Only love, romanticism - and any life!