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Revolution in kitchen. To replace pressure cookers - a miracle - the unit?

Having bought in the USA a miracle - the unit for preparation of great variety of dishes, I safely arrived to native Penates with desire to quicker master this cunning machine. Painfully it was pleasant to me on the presentations. I began with

of the House acquaintance to the unit with its performance data. Power of the motor is 1,2 kW, rotation speed - 37 thousand revolutions per minute. There are 2 regulators of speed, the cooling system and protection against an overheat. If in operating time the car overheats, then it automatically stops, and it can be included only in 45 minutes.

The control system is simple as a nail. At a toolbar there are 2 buttons and the rotary index. The unit is programmed on preparation of hot soups, the cooled fruit and vegetable cocktails and the frozen desserts. These options are to the left of the index, and speeds of operation of the machine from 0 to 10 when preparation of a product happens in the manual mode are designated on the right.

All tasty dishes prepare in a big jug (volume 2 liters). Very interesting cover at this jug: it does not allow to be splashed out to liquid contents and at the same time exhausts (for this purpose there is a special stopper) when soup is cooked. Still the tolkushka is included in the package (as to use it, I will tell further).

The book of recipes contains detailed information that from what and how to prepare: what are necessary ingredients in what mode the car has to work. Plus is given the big color photo that you receive at the exit.

What it is possible to prepare by means of this unit?

Various drinks : the cooled cocktails and coffee drinks, a huge number various juice, and also coconut, soy and rice “milk“.

Hot soups : well-known tomato soup, Russian cabbage soup, borsches, mushroom, chicken, any vegetable soup. Here it is possible to make room for the imagination and to prepare everything that is pleasant to you.

Various sauces : to meat, fish, a bird, to paste. Recipes are attached.

Dough for exotic bakery products : for example, rolls with bilberry and orange, bread with mango, pineapple bread with zucchini.

Desserts : chocolate fondue, peach water-ice, various ice cream and fruit sorbet.

Numerous gas stations for salads and marinades. I Think that it will be especially interesting to hostesses as it is not necessary to run in shop behind the grown hateful mayonnaise.

For a start I decided to make for myself hot soup according to the recipe from the book.

For this purpose the following ingredients were required: 0,5 liters of milk, 2 tablespoons of mix for mashed potatoes, a half of a bulb, 80 grams of cheddar cheese, a teaspoon of dry parsley, 30 g of fast ham and 2 - 3 inflorescences of broccoli.

We pour milk in a jug, we lower all the rest in it, we close a cover, we turn the index in the Hot Soup position, we press the Start-up button - and in 5 minutes soup is ready. It is a portion on 3 plates. Now it was necessary to add to a plate croutons (croutons) with a chesnochok and a greens branch. Time to have a bite came!

Preparation of the cooled cocktail from fruit with yogurt was the following step in development of the car.

Its preparation requires 100 ml of yogurt with any fruit, 50 ml of cranberry juice, 1 orange, 1 apple, 1 banana, 5 - 6 cubes of fresh pineapple. Tablespoon of coconut flakes and circle of chipped ice.

On a bottom of a jug we pour out yogurt and cranberry juice. We cut the peeled orange and apple with a peel on 4 parts, we crumble large pieces banana. We place all fruit in a jug, coconut flakes and chipped ice from above finish composition. We close a jug a cover, previously having pulled out the top stopper, on its place we insert a tolkushka. We include the index on the necessary position, the tolkushka stirred slowly ice that it went down. In 2 minutes cold tasty vitamin cocktail is ready to the use.

In the USA there are clubs of fans of this machine. These are generally women. They share with each other new recipes. If to collect everything that they managed to prepare, then their results of “kitchen creativity“ will demand release of additional books of recipes to that that is offered by the company - producer.

I cannot but note two lacks of the kitchen machine - the station wagon: it is very noisy. When begins to work, it reminds the taking-off plane in airfield. And the second: the price of the unit is quite high, and not all can be solved on such purchase.

For those 8 months that I have this car in the house, I tried a set of recipes and dishes. The most part of electrical equipment which is in my kitchen will move to the dacha soon. One this car replaces many units.

The most important that I cook food to the taste generally from fresh vegetables and fruit which have to be in a diet of any person all the year round.