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Revolution in kitchen. What succeeds pressure cookers?

reckoned as decoration of kitchen the enameled pans with florets, a whistling kettle on a plate, the unpretentious coffee maker about 30-40 years ago. The place of honor was taken by an electrosamovar. And, of course, the food processor urged to facilitate her work was pride of the hostess.

It was the bulky, heavy and noisy design with a set of nozzles which helped to slice food, to crush vegetables and fruit, to cook home-made noodles etc. I do not think that hostesses used all opportunities of this monster. By the way, this combine took a lot of place in kitchen. My grandmother still stores this “souvenir“ from the last century and does not want to leave it.

In the next years the new kitchen electrical equipment became more active to be applied in a household. In different modifications mixers, toasters, blenders, microwaves, electrogrills, choppers, pressure cookers, crock-pots and other innovations which had to help women with cooking appeared. If we attentively look at our not really big kitchens, then we will notice that this a miracle - the equipment occupies practically all useful area: it engaged all regiments in cases, it settles down on free surfaces of kitchen furniture. As a result the hostess for maneuvers has very few place.

In my apartment in kitchen the same picture. Last year I was in business trip in the USA and incidentally got on the presentation one more miracle - machines in one of supermarkets. From a distance I saw such picture: in the middle of huge shop in an environment of crowd of people the young man with the microphone juggled with a certain jug, periodically spilling contents in glasses and distributing it for tasting. I approached closer and got stuck at a counter on hour

What I beheld? On a foreground there was a design externally similar to the big blender. The boy threw something in a jug, pressed the button. In 5 minutes fragrant hot soup was offered attention of the audience for the next tasting. I took part in it. Soup had a fantastic taste.

While the crowd enjoyed first course, the wizard with the microphone cut fruit large chunks, left everything in a jug, from above added a cup of chipped ice, pressed other button by car and began to conjure with mix. In a minute cold cocktail from fruit with pulp was ready. There came time of the next tasting. This drink reminded nectar of gods living on the Olympus.

During tasting the owner of a magic jug explained that is washed by its car. He added about a half of its volume of water to capacity, dripped liquids for washing of ware, 30 seconds twisted contents by means of the car before emergence of plentiful foam, then rinsed clear water, and the jug was ready to the use again, sparkling sterile purity.

Further the demonstrator conjured over a jug again: “The bang - Tibi - died - tokh - tokh“, poured something there, filled and in a couple of minutes ice cream was ready. The next tasting began. The crowd already howled from delight! In several minutes the 3rd various dishes - with a minimum of efforts and without sickening washing of ware were prepared. It was time for me to leave, time drew in.

Having returned to hotel, I went to the Internet and studied information on this a miracle in detail - the machine. It turned out that it is made in the USA, and on it the guarantee of 7 years is given. If something does not work or broke on your imprudence, the company sends the paid label to transfer of a product, your business - only to put everything in a box and to send from the nearest post office. In exchange without questions you receive the new unit.

And still one interesting detail was found: on the website of the producer it is unprofitable to buy this car as it is more expensive, than on the presentation. To put it briefly, what was seen in a supermarket and learned from the Internet strong sank down in the head, and I began to think of purchase of the machine. It was necessary to reflect quickly as in couple of days an action - the presentation came to an end, and the wizard with a fantastic jug could disappear forever …

In the last day of the presentation I again patiently (and already with skill) listened to lecture, tasted already other products of the person with the microphone, asked several questions and bought a desired product. Having opened a box in hotel, I found the instruction, guarantee certificates, the colourful book of recipes (about 400 pieces) and a disk with demonstration how to use the unit.

First of all I registered the car on the website of the producer. From this point also the report of a warranty period began. Development of the machine I decided to postpone until return home …

To be continued