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Pomegranate: it is useful or harmful?

U me in the yard pomegranate blossomed, on a window sill on a decorative granatik florets appeared too. Already I anticipate as several months later I will break fruits of pomegranate and there are tart, sweet berries.

I suddenly reflected: useful properties at pomegranate - the sea, it treats a type of fruit in which all is useful - pulp, stones, a peel, even membranes. And it is impossible to call undoubtedly useful to all grenades … I will share with you the knowledge.

Pomegranate, or a granatnik, grows in many regions of warm part of the planet - it is Spain, Italy, Greece, Afghanistan, the Crimea, Portugal, Southern France, it is possible to list for a long time. It blossoms in the Caucasus in May - at the beginning if the spring early, or is closer by June if in May it is cool. Large it is bright - red flowers are pleasing to the eye, lighten mood. Grenades happen wild-growing, cultivated (for cultivation of useful and tasty fruits) and dwarfish - the last are brought purely in the esthetic purposes by fans of floriculture. They also blossom and fructify, as well as their big fellows, balsas edible, but sour.

I will list positive properties of this magic fruit which comprises the solid list of useful components.

1. We will begin from the return - with a peel, stones and membranes.

the Dried-up membranes made separately or with tea strengthen nervous system, improve a dream. Doctors recommend this drink to take regularly that who constantly has stresses, has nervous work, strongly worries from - for some difficult solved problems. The made membranes of pomegranate will help to stabilize a dream and to struggle successfully with sleeplessness.

pomegranate Stones favorably influence simplification of pains at critical days, in the period of a climax. For this purpose it is possible to eat garnet kernels together with stones.

the Peel of ripe pomegranate contains the substances having glistogonny effect. Also dried up and made peel promotes stable work of intestines, the made skin of pomegranate is drunk at not really severe forms of a diarrhea. However it is necessary to be accurate with a dosage, otherwise you are threatened by very unpleasant consequences, about it is a little lower.

2. The most important component of pomegranate - iron and manganese. For this reason it is unusually useful at an anemia, dystrophy, it is recommended to pregnant women (in the absence of an allergy and tendency to locks), also donors should use it regularly. The feeding mothers have to include this fruit in the diet too.

3. The pulp of grains of pomegranate contains RR vitamin therefore if you often eat pomegranate, you strengthen walls of vessels and prevent development of atherosclerosis. Potassium which is present at garnet pulp too very much will help hypertensive persons.

4. We already mentioned that the peel will help to fight against violations of work of intestines, but also garnet juice, and kernels in pure form - fine means against diarrhea, dysbacteriosis, colitis, gas generations.

5. Juice of pomegranate or the grenade in pure form - are simply necessary for those who live in a zone of the raised radiation background, pomegranate promotes an active conclusion from an organism of radiation “garbage“. Not without reason in Japan which was strongly affected once by nuclear explosions, pomegranate is very popular and enters a compounding of a huge number of dishes.

6. In the period of the increased influenzal danger it is fine to eat at least a half of a fruit of pomegranate, it will stimulate immunity. For the same reason it is necessary to eat pomegranate or to drink its juice during the postoperative period.

Pomegranate not one thousand years is used in medicine and is recommended at very many problems with health, but it can be and is harmful

1. Broth of a thin skin of pomegranate or membranes should be drunk very accurately, the portions recommended by the doctor! At overdose you are threatened by nausea, dizziness, even pressure can increase.

2. Pomegranate contains many types of acids - it is lemon, oxalic, wine, amber, boric … and there are a lot more types. Therefore as it is sad, it is contraindicated to people with stomach ulcer, gastritis with the increased acidity.

3. Pomegranate badly influences tooth enamel … If you eat pomegranate regularly and many, look after more carefully teeth and gums.

4. Pomegranate can be very strong allergen! And the allergy can develop not at once, and for example, at strong “abuse“ of pomegranate.

It is so harmful or all - it is useful? From above-written it is possible to draw a conclusion that this marvelous fruit is unusually useful, but it is necessary to be very accurate at its use.