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What to visit in the Czech Republic? A historical festival of a five-petal rose

the Czech Republic attracts tourists with the historical cities, unforgettable architecture and numerous resorts with healing waters and dirt. But, among other things, travelers always want to visit something unique that will remain in their memory about this trip forever.

it is the unusual festival of a five-petal rose which in the territory of the Czech Republic is called Slavnosti p ě tilist é r ů ž e is also carried out every year in different corners of the country. In 2013 festival will take place in the small historical town of Krumlov.

To see own eyes of medieval knights who battle on tournaments by a hand of the lady of the heart, to feel spirit of an era of romanticism - all this possibly at this unusual festival. A symbol of a holiday is the image of a rose on the family coat of arms Rozenbergov. The festival continues only three days, but for this period it is possible to visit a medieval fair to buy gifts to yourself and to the friends, to listen to game of musicians and to enjoy ancient traditions of knights. At the same time the city as though is completely transferred to the Middle Ages - zazyvaniye of dealers, laughter and talk of the inhabitants hurrying on the affairs are heard everywhere.

This year the holiday will take place on June 21 - 23 therefore if you want to get on a historical festival, you need to think of the unique image. Of course, the historical suit can be bought directly on the place, without it you on festival just like that will not be passed, it is necessary to pay about two hundred Czech korunas. Children till ten years can come free of charge.

The festival of a five-petal rose was held for the first time at the time of Avstro - the Hungarian empire. Then the local population spoke German. The holiday was decided to be spent in honor of Cesky Krumlov in 1909. It included performances of chorus, various concerts and battles of medieval knights. The show was rather interesting and unforgettable. Several years in a row festival was one of the main actions in the territory of the Czech Republic, but soon forgot about it. Again the festival of a five-petal rose took place only in 1969 and became so popular among local population and tourists that it was decided to be carried out again.

Despite the fact that the festival of a five-petal rose proceeds only three days its program is so saturated and various that visitors receive a huge number of positive emotions. You will definitely not miss, around you the roundabout of fun and pleasure will begin to spin. Here it is possible not only to look at numerous tournaments, but also to take part in them. Also there take place processions, carnivals, numerous fairs work.

All city is for a while transferred to other era therefore on each certain street there take place the unusual actions which precisely should be visited at least once. The festival is the most popular among children who like to look at conjurers, fakirs, and also to listen to unusual fairy tales. It is also possible to take part in game with live chess.