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Whether it is worth giving alms?

Today the person with a request approached my colleague, told that he is very hungry, and asked money on hlebushka. The acquaintance decided to help it, bought it kefir and rolls. When it gave it food, the beggar had a perplexed face. He began to mutter that it needs money, the head hurts …

Of course, my colleague terribly became angry, indignantly telling this case. It set me thinking: in total - whether it is worth giving alms?

People have a desire to help, but they not always know how to behave. When give alms to the child, they do not know whether it will reach him.

The Internet and television were blown up by a story about why at the beggar the child always sleeps, irrespective of time and age. It turned out that children are stuffed with alcohol that it was possible “to work“ and raise money quietly. That is it is not necessary to nurse the baby, it is possible to put quietly sleeping child on knees and to sit on a border with a cap in hand. On the ruined lives of children cruel men with quiet heart earn to themselves “a worthy living“.

It seems that the person who asks about the help harmless and pathetic, it is necessary to pass and to help. But so happens not always. During hard life they learned to understand people. They precisely know whom it is worth approaching with requests and whom it is better to bypass.

The person who gives alms wants one - to help the person who needs. But it turns out that begging is the whole system of swindlers who use human kindness.

When beg from the person, he appears before a dilemma: not to help, it is impossible to ignore - the feeling of compassion deeply genetically sits. But to participate in the scheme developed by someone and there is no wish to feel fooled too.

Here also there passes a person, ignoring entreaties about the help, with some deposit in soul., It seems, everything is correct, but nevertheless....

Personally I give kopek to poor grandmothers who sit dejectedly and are not similar to drinking. It is a lot of such grandmothers, I cannot pass by them. Even I know one which always sits in the same place, and absolutely it is not similar to the swindler. But here quite recently the familiar police officer told about this grandmother. Operation on detention of the man who brought it every day on a carriage was performed, and took away in the evening, withdrawing from it money. And the revenue turned out quite good, it is more than teacher`s salary. Here so …

I what now, you will tell, it are swindlers and deceivers? No, of course not. There are separate cases … And here only one exit: if you want to help, then it is possible to afford it, without participation in someone`s game. If the person asks for help of you, saying that he hungry, and you want to be helped, then treat him with food. If it throws out food, so you were tried to be deceived. If it is really hungry, so you helped the person.

To help or do good - it is optional to give money. There are also other ways. And it is necessary to help those who really need the help.

The good comes back and if you have a desire to help - help. The main thing that your kindness it was not the road paved to hell.