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Smile on health or Why the laughter is so useful?

Many of us remember a little strange expression: “Minute of laughter replaces a glass of sour cream“. Well, it in sense of volume of the poleznost which are contained in dairy product. But hardly anyone heard that the glass of sour cream replaces minute of laughter.

It also is clear that fermented milk product of very few people can make laugh in itself. At least, such reaction would be, at least, strange for people around if you hysterical laughed loudly, looking at a glass of sour cream.

The laughter, according to ethological researches, for the first time arose more than 10 million years ago and that not at people, and at anthropoids. But when we laugh, we hardly think of that, as if expressed the pleasure and pleasure now, be not born laughter once. Ability to smile and, especially, to laugh, is given us by nature in inheritance, and for nothing.

And though never look at gift horse`s mouth, but we - that with you continually look to the colleague on laughter in teeth, and sooner at a mouth. Having told a good joke, at once we are morally satisfied with reaction of the person: than the smile is wider and convulsions of laughter are more long, it is more pleasant than subjects to us. So, it is more pleasant to an organism. So there, in an organism occurs when we laugh?

Occurs here that: at laughter from face muscles to an organism there are “useful“ impulses. They not only well influence our nervous system, but also remove stress. Even the artificial, affected smile gives to the person small relief what already to speak about sincere? Merry fellows and smekholyuba have heart diseases much less often, than severe are unsociable. All because at laughter becomes stronger endoteliya (warm cages).

But, certainly, the measure is necessary in everything. Addressing the same Russian proverb, it is possible to remember that “to business - time, and a fun - hour“. If to laugh long, infectiously and without stopping, the organism will not sustain this heavy artillery. And you should not “die of laughing“ in every sense this expression, stories are known cases when people really suffered from it.

For example, in the third century B.C. the Greek philosopher - racks Hrizipp wanted to play a trick suddenly on the donkey, and decided to make a beast dead-drunk. Whether the donkey drank greedy moreover and smacked the lips, whether reminded this moment to the scientist something from personal experience - one is known: the laughter attack which suddenly began at the philosopher brought it to death. Such here absurd...

One more important detail: between intelligence and humour there is some communication, though indirect - than above IQ, subjects of people understands jokes better and jokes. Of course, a certain body is not responsible for sense of humour and if you “have no aunt“, then to ask about its absence there is nobody.

It is worth agreeing, for example, with Mark Twain who spoke: “The person deprived of sense of humour is deprived much bigger, than just sense of humour“. And it seems to us that it is about a huge piece of pie under the name “happiness“. How still it is possible to understand that you are happy, and at the same time not to smile?

By the way, endorphin, or pleasure hormone, possesses surprising property to smooth wrinkles on the face. And still - to smooth acute angles. Well and the most important - to resolve any conflicts, all of us remember that humour - our most terrible peace “weapon“.

So, laugh “on“, “for“ and “in“ health, without forgetting to accept daily a useful portion of treasured “glass of sour cream“!