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By what rules there live successful people?

All successful people are similar at each other: thinking, working capacity, active lifestyle, leadership and desire to achieve great success. It seems that for successful people there is nothing impossible. Difference of the successful person is that when others doubt the forces, he does. When successful people tell

about the stories of success, all of them are similar at each other. Rules (principles), diligence, desire to achieve goals are the cornerstone.

Rules of successful people are universal. Their quotes become winged.

1. To do, you will not achieve result yet.

Many people after failure are afraid to get down to business, referring: “It not mine“. But present if the child took five steps and declared that it is not him what would be farther with it? To learn to go, there will be not enough five steps. Happens that at the person hands in one step from success fall.

“Even if you are very talented and make big efforts, some results just require time: you do not receive the child in a month even if you will force to become pregnant nine women“ . Warren Buffett.

This quote confirms that it is impossible to stop halfway. Many people, telling the story of success, said that the success came not at once.

2. To see all opportunities.

U of all identical opportunities, but someone prefers to pump over virtual heroes, someone learns a million way to earn money. There is a lot of opportunities, they need to be made out.

3. To find successful people.

Such people will always share the experience therefore it is useful to listen to them.

4. To learn lessons from failures.

For someone failure - an occasion to stop. But look at failure as on experience, you, having passed failures, precisely know how to do right thing. As they say, “the one who does nothing is not mistaken“.

5. Not to be afraid of responsibility.

Who sits out in a shadow, being afraid of responsibility, will never become successful. Many people have a couple of good ideas which can be realized. But many ideas die at a theoretical stage. The fear to take the responsibility can become a stumbling block.

6. To choose the direction most.

do not live on templates work - the house, work - the house, pension. Be an owner of the life and live consciously.

“In life of each person there are two remarkable days: day when was born, and day when it understood why“ . John Maxwell.

7. Do not wait for success, go to it.

the Most part of people lives in expectation. Expectation of a salary, expectation of a miracle (I will win a lottery or will carry, I will sometime change the car)... Perhaps. Successful people will not wait and be uncertain, they, contrary to difficulties, will come to success.

8. To find adherents and not to listen to pessimists who say that it is useless to fight against difficulties and failures.

you dream of something, try to connect an environment, but say to you that it is impossible, unreal. Look for adherents. Not for nothing speak, “tell who your friend, and I will tell who you are“. The fact that our environment influences us it is the fact.

9. Do not look for justifications to your failures, look for an opportunity to become successful.

People got used to blame for the failures the state, the president, friends, system... Do not spend energy for a justification of the failures, be engaged in business!

10. Who, if not I?

Inspire yourself. The inspiration gives forces to come to the success.