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How to struggle with obesity?

Obesity became the real problem. According to all forecasts epidemic will grow, and metabolic problems of the population will increase. What obesity for health of the person threatens with and as to fight against it?

obesity Epidemic assumed a world scale today. It is known that the nation which is most suffering from this illness - Americans. A third of the population of the USA has obesity. However residents of other countries and continents, statistically, begin to catch up with them. In Europe almost similar situation is observed. About 50% of adults in Europe have the excess body weight or obesity.

The problem of obesity consists that it is not simply esthetically ugly and unattractive. Accumulation of excess weight affects the general health of the person, a condition of all its bodies and systems. So, according to research, 76% of people with obesity have not alcoholic fatty alcoholic disease of a liver. It means that fat accumulates not only in hypodermic cellulose, but also in internals, in particular, in a liver. Therefore the liver inflames and ceases to cope with the numerous functions. If not to stop process, this disease can develop into cirrhosis and a cancer of a liver.

The reason of obesity and fatty illness of a liver - the wrong way of life: hypodynamia, irrational food. Therefore the main way of treatment is an introduction to everyday life of physical activity, observance of a low-calorie diet. It is proved that weight reduction reduces a fatty infiltration of a liver by 5%, by 10% - reduces an inflammation.

“In this regard it is necessary to understand accurately that if not to seek for weight reduction, then probability that we will be able to help the patient, rather low. Our patients should work on it that categorically is not pleasant to them“ , - V. V. Tsukanov, MD comments on a situation. professor, the head of clinical office of pathology of a gastrointestinal tract at adults of Federal State Budgetary Institution Scientific Research Institute of Medical Problems of the North FROM the Russian Academy of Medical Science. However only observance of rules of a balanced diet can help at obesity and a fatty illness of a liver.

The main enemies who promote progressing of obesity are saturated fats. They contain in products of an animal origin: fat meat, fat, dairy products with fat content more than 3,5%, and also in vegetable oils - palm, coconut and even olive. Adjournment of fats is promoted by the excessive use of sweet. It is necessary to exclude completely from a diet sugar, potatoes, white loaf and other “light“ carbohydrates.

The diet containing nonsaturated fats, antioxidants and proteins has preventive effect, it is desirable a phytogenesis. The polynonsaturated fatty acids which are contained in vegetable oils (linen, sunflower), sheet vegetables, walnuts, fish, seafood, influence stabilization of cellular membranes, regulate synthesis of bilious acids.

Except the diet necessary at fight against obesity, the dosed physical activities are recommended, it is useful to go on foot, at least about an hour a day. The movement not only allows to burn correctly excess calories, but also restores blood circulation, necessary for normal work, which suffers at a sedentary life in a liver.

“Reception of vitamin E for the patients who do not have diabetes and also gepatoprotektor on the basis of essentsialny phospholipids, for example, of Essentsiale forte of N who contains about 90% of polynonsaturated fatty acids, at the same time nekaloriyen will help to stop progressing of a fatty illness of a liver. These “useful fats“ have the restoring effect on membranes of cells of a liver , - V. V. Tsukanov notes. - Also at treatment of a fatty illness of a liver application of the preparations containing bilious acids which positively influence work of a liver“ is recommended .

Thus, the principles of treatment of obesity and all related negative consequences change of a way of life and quality of food is.