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How to grow up a geranium from seeds?

the Geranium several decades ago branded by a label “a petty-bourgeois flower“ and for some time become a rarity at windows of fans, all - returned the lost positions and again is popular. And it is even more, than once. Because beauty of modern grades of any strikes on the spot and lights passion to these flowers.

Before a geranium was traditionally made multiple copies shanks, “from hand to hand“, but now it is possible to find seeds of grades and hybrids, delightful on beauty, in sale. It is impossible to pass by these colourful packings and it is not necessary because it is simple to make multiple copies a geranium seeds and in some degree it is even favorable, despite rather high cost. Seeds well ascend, and the plants received from them have the compact form and plentiful, almost continuous, blossoming. And young seedlings by 4 - 5 months blossom.

The geranium zone is most widespread among us by , and we will talk about it. It is possible to sow a geranium for all year, but if there is no opportunity to organize illumination, then spring and summer - the best time for seed reproduction.

Geranium seeds large and firm, oblong shape, brown color. It is necessary to sow them to the friable soil. The structure is approximately following: 2 parts of the cespitose earth, by 1 part of sand and peat. The substratum should not be too rich with nutrients that seedlings did not “zazhirovat“. Before use the soil can be disinfected, having steamed on a water bath, having calcinated in a microwave or an oven, and it is possible just to spill solution of some fungicide. It will save shoots from infections like “black leg“.

Before crops it is possible to make a skarifikation of seeds - to carefully rub their firm cover a small nazhdachka. After such processing seeds ascend quicker, and so - can ascend within a month, is disjointed also different rates. It is the most convenient to make crops in low flat capacities about 2 - 3 cm in depth, initially to seedlings such volume suffices. 2 cm from each other are better to distribute seeds on one on all surface of the humidified soil at distance at once and to powder evenly from above on necessary depth - about 1 cm. Capacity needs to be held in the warm place (with a temperature not less than 20 - 22 degrees) and to watch that the soil did not dry up for a long time, to water regularly with warm water. And it is possible just to cover with a film, but at the same time to leave small openings for airing and at once to remove a film as shoots will appear.

The appeared seedlings put on well lit window, maintaining moderate air temperature, then the seedling grows thickset and strong. The soil needs to be loosened and supported in moderately damp state, short-term full drying, but the main thing is admissible - not to fill in. From too hot sunshine it is better to cover or rearrange young geraniums in a penumbra.

When at seedlings about 2 - 3 real leaflets are formed, them dive in small pots, without burying a root neck, and place in moderately warm conditions - 18 - 20 degrees. For receiving magnificent branched bushes further the seedling is prishchipyvat over 5 - 6 leaf. Good illumination and fresh air promote the excellent growth of young plants.

Growing up geraniums, it is necessary to remember that root system at them small therefore pots are required not too big - in narrowness of a geranium blossom better. The soil for them has to be friable, water-permeable and well passing air. But not rich with organic chemistry - then plants will be “fattened“, forming magnificent greens, but from them it is possible and not to wait for flowers at all. Moderately fertile soil - guarantee of plentiful blossoming. The law “it is better to pour in too little, than to pour“ because inherently geraniums - the semi-succulents reserving moisture in thick stalks works with watering. Too plentiful watering (especially in combination with the dense soil) leads to rotting of root system and death of plants. The geranium grows on the solar place better, but too hot direct beams of the sun can leave burns on leaves. Therefore - easy shading is better. In the winter of a geranium contain in a cool (14 - 16 degrees), watering only occasionally and gradually.

Under favorable conditions for contents and the correct agrotechnology many grades and hybrids of geraniums tie seeds which can be used further for new crops. However, hybrids (F1) which are grown up from seeds need to be made multiple copies only shanks as the seeds received from them will give splitting in the subsequent generations. But, on the other hand, it is even interesting - to receive absolutely unexpected flowers as a result of such experiment. Seeds ripen quickly enough, it is easy to determine it by external signs: seed boxes become brown color, and each ripened sunflower seed separates, baring a long fluffy cop.

At the correct agrotechnology of a geranium are practically not ill and are not damaged by wreckers. Their large bright inflorescences appear at the end of winter and replace each other for many months, up to late fall.

A geranium - surprisingly unpretentious and krasivotsvetushchy plant suitable for cultivation not only in rooms, but also on balconies, on terraces, on beds. In many countries of the world traditionally decorate with it windows of houses, balconies, terraces, park compositions.