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Typology of the personality. To what “caste“ you belong?

Division of society into castes are primitivism of ancient Hindus or quite interesting typology of the personality actual for modern society? Whether it is possible that the understanding of this theory will help the person to be defined with in what it is better for it to be engaged on life and with whom to get married? Let`s try to understand …

It is known that in Ancient India the accurate hierarchy meaning four estates (Varna) existed:

1. “Brahmen“ - the highest caste, treated it the people who are engaged in religious, scientific and pedagogical activity.

2. “Kshatriya“ - to this estate possessed managers and soldiers.

3. “Vaysh“ - included dealers and usurers.

4. “Shudra“ is an estate of those who were engaged in manual skills.

Also there was one more category - “untouchable“ , all who did not enter into one of the transferred estates treated it.

Under laws of that time, belonging to a caste was transferred in the hereditary way. Marriages usually consisted in limits of one estate. However creation of a family with the representative of the adjoining lowest Varna, for example, of “Brahman“ with “Kshatry“ was allowed. But in that case “Brahman“ was obliged to leave the caste and to pass for life to “Kshatriyam“. Marriage of “Brahman“ with “Vayshyi“ or “Shudra“ was impossible - too big gap between categories.

Here in brief essence of the social device of India. On the basis of it it is possible to put forward the theory that all people really are divided into 4 types, according to the knacks and talents.

If to translate into the modern language, then “Brahmen“ are people with a rich inner world and a high intelligence. they are attracted by the highest matters, questions of morality, education, scientific researches, creativity. In them since the birth high moral values and nobility are put. These are priests, teachers, scientists on calling, and not just according to the status.

Representatives of this category can temporarily execute functions of the manager, can be businessmen, and also cope perfectly with manual skills. But they will never choose lifework something from the above-mentioned as their soul lasts far away from vanity in clouds. In the modern world it is heavy to “Brahmen“ to enter the calling. Very often their work is not noticed and not appreciated. Therefore sometimes they are forced to be engaged in work of “Kshatriya“ or “Vayshyi“ to earn on bread. Going on it, they feel unrealized and unfortunate.

Modern “Kshatriya“ are the born managers able to create system and to keep order in it. From them turn out excellent managing directors of any levels, administrators, commanders. In their system of values people always stand above money. They are very betrayed to the team and care for it. It is also hard for them to be realized in our world as they are basic and are not selling.

“Vaysh“ - in spite of the fact that this category takes the third place in hierarchy, she rules our world. Her businessmen and bankers head. As in their priorities material values take the predominating place, they always see where and what it is possible to benefit by. They are sociable, easily establish connection, can sell anything and to anyone. Usually all measure by money. The value of the person determine him by the income. As the purpose of life consider accumulation of wealth. It is very heavy to them to understand “Brahman“ or “Kshatriya“ therefore often they concern them contemptuously.

“Shudrami“ can call category of people who love manual skills , and it does not seem to them it is boring or excessively heavy. They are able to create fine things the hands, like to go in for agriculture. It brings them a sheer pleasure. They are simple, executive, do not ask excess questions, usually work at “Vayshyi“. It is heavy to them to communicate with “Brahmen“, they seem to them too abstruse or lazy.

So-called “untouchable“ are those who did not find the place in the sun, having got to low social groups - bums, alcoholics, addicts. Something very strongly beat out them from a vital track, and they did not find forces to rise. Society disdains those and tries to avoid contact.

Try to define to what “caste“ you belong? Whether there corresponds your work to those abilities which in you are put? Whether your elect (darling) suits you? according to this theory, the person from your “caste“ is necessary for

for happy marriage. For men there can be an exception: they can choose to themselves the woman from adjoining “caste“ in the direction down, such union will also be harmonious. This statement quite objectively, similar values, priorities, the purposes, hobbies unite and promote deep understanding of the partner.

Thus, it is possible to come to a conclusion that division into “castes“ is quite logical, everyone is born with already put abilities and talents. Having defined to what category you belong, you will be able to direct the forces to the necessary course, and also it is easier to find the suitable partner.

It is very important to understand that each of “castes“ carries out a major role without which society could not function fully. Therefore it is impossible to consider someone better, and it is worse than someone. We are just different.