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What I love Yaroslav Gashek for?

Than the companion of lines do not joke when the Lord plays poker? Especially, if the card prt. And prt. And today, I here feel … Pret Ema! He was also fond of Togo. Yes so what not to distract. Here also lupasit a rain since the morning.

Well … To me it and on a hand. There would be a sun what here the Czech literature? For a long time would give preference to shish kebabs and the same Czech with men. But - to beer. But “nonecha“ … What shish kebabs? What beer?! A rain at us. And most likely, for a long time.

So time to talk about the Czech literature - more than. What I about it? Capek, Fuchik, Gashek …

Capek. And what? I only it know a name. Karelian. On a middle name and they are absolutely ignorant. And what it there with salamanders had?! No, the fact that war is precisely. But for what reason and for whose inheritance?. No, it is better not to touch Capek. You will be dishonored with it then to all Russia. And the Czech Republic if there “School“ is read. Well and … I do not love these Amphibia! Blood at them cold.

Fuchik? Here is already much warmer. Hotly, it is possible to tell. Julius, he still that man was. In Prague “Pankraz“ it chalitsya. Then he on a stage in Berlin “Plyottsenzey“ was transferred. Already the loop on a neck at it was really tightened, and he wrote the reporting. Not everyone so will be able. Not everyone for it will have enough forces. And not only spiritual. It it is concrete there … Tortured.

But Julius as it is offensive … Not in honor, by hearsay, it now in the Czech Republic., even the station of the Prague subway was renamed. Was “Fuchikov“. Became … It is better for Czechs to know about that. And yes it is from the first heavy to me to utter.

Generally … And there is no choice - if it is honest, special.

Yaroslav Gashek. So, for what I love Yaroslav?

Here as in that fairy tale. “Far away, in the fairy state“ … Only, here chesslovo, any not the fairy tale. In all seriousness. Well, and that that the figure “tri“ in oral folk art is allocated with magic force?! And science on what? She too from the very beginning suspected that she terrestrial tverd from all directions is washed by the blue sea - okiyany in which does not sink only because on three foundations lies. Not on two there or ten … On three! And three components of Marxism? The fact that once gray-haired associate professors drove in a student`s head, any democratic scrap not to pick out!

Here and at me, love - the love to Gashek on three foundations lies.

The first. It is secret.

Well! Nothing and from anybody I am not going to hide. Just secret is what is known only by us. I and Gashek. And only we have it with Yaroslav. It is more - at anybody …

As I got acquainted with the writer? On vacation business was. On summer. And they if suddenly who forgot, big. Three months of whole. During this time and you will manage to be bought. In a lapta, soccer, tsurka and all the rest to play enough. Fishes to catch so many that even cats begin with the yard to run away still before you worms to dig will go. I … Strangely enough, you manage to miss books too.

Here I also missed. And with library some problems were. Whether repair in club, whether the librarian got sick. How many years passed. I already also do not remember. Generally, I got on an attic where all that mother and her brothers read in due time, the granny accurately stored.

And among these piles I found … Strongly shabby. It is so strong that corners of pages stopped being them for a long time, having transformed to something very similar to gear gear wheels of the wrong and strongly bent radiuses. And it is, by the way, the first sign that the book - interesting. Well, and as also there is no cover …

U of this is was not! So I even did not reveal her. As began with the first page … So to the darkness from an attic also did not climb up. So far till the end … Was not at the last end of the resources yet.

But then - that I even did not understand that it is the last. Thought that my predecessors inaccurately read the book. Also lost its some part.

Already then as academic year began, filled up I in school library and asked the book “about the gallant soldier Shveyk“. And both caught it, and understood that read everything in the summer. From a crust, to a crust. It is simple how it often happens in life, the author was not in time. Also did not add the novel. By the way, and a name of the author - Yaroslav Gashek, and the name of the book - “Adventures of the gallant soldier Shveyk“, I only then, in library, learned.

Second component of my love. It is an author. Which has to be interesting to me, the reader. And Yaroslav, gives up to me, from such people. Interesting.

He lived surprising life. It is so dense and concentrated sated on numerous meetings and events that divide it into ten... Yes even divide into twenty and distribute to other people. And that, the most part from them, it is sure, will tell: “There is a lot of!“

A to Yaroslav was normal. Just right.

To it there was not enough one army. It served … in three. And as served! On avstriysko - the Russian front, there was a business, returned from night investigation, and a peak-cap - that … With a hole. It is shot!

In 1915 - the m, in fights for Sokal where died or was wounded every second participant of this fight, Gashek not only escaped, but, moreover, was made in corporals and awarded by a silver Austrian medal for bravery.

Almost same - silver and “For bravery“, but already Of St. George, Yaroslav received also in the Russian army. After June fights of 1917 at Zborov.

In Red Army did without awards. And here without different, sometimes enough serious incidents, - are not present in any way. Five thousand brands were promised for Yaroslav`s head by the young government of independent Estonia. The warrant for his arrest was written out both in Samara, and in Omsk. In Irkutsk shot at it. Fortunately, by. But on a neck after that shot there was a memorable mark. Twice Gashek had typhus. And in the conditions of Civil war and at almost total absence of drugs this illness and the death sentence … In fact - almost same.

Whom was only no Yaroslav for the life. Both editor of the Mir Zhivotnykh magazine, and anarchist, and … even assistant to the red commandant of the city of Bugulma.

And draws and mystifications which it, appear, was stuffed under the tie … Well, here, for example, this is with “Party of moderate progress within the law“ which charter in 1911 Yaroslav will write literally behind a glass of beer. To go from it the candidate on the Prague constituency of Vinograda. Or the “Film logical institute“ opened for them selling not purebred recoloured dogs. And ancient pangolin “èäèîòîçàâð“?! How many … How many these draws and mystifications were in Yaroslav`s life?

There is a lot of. So there is a lot of that one of Gashek`s friends - Ervi Kish - having heard about his death, did not believe: “Yarla not for the first time fools all of us and fools. I do not trust!“ correctly made

I. Because Gashek did not die. He lives in us heroes of the works also today. And it is the third whale of my love to the writer. But to retell Yaroslav`s works - ungrateful business.

It is better - to read them. What I insistently also recommend. Well, and if for whom my opinion - not the authority that quite I allow, I send those to Bertolt Brecht who somehow wrote down in the diary:

“If somebody suggested me to choose three works representing the world literature from fiction of our century, then “Adventures of the gallant soldier Shveyk“ of Yaroslav Gashek“ would be one of such works.