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You want to be the kind wizard? Be it! About ethics of the driver and a road situation of

Somehow recently quite often it is necessary to listen to reasonings on what is a lot of, oh, it is a lot of rudeness on our Russian roads. From them supposedly and our troubles. If not all, then, at least, their most part. He agrees with this point of view. But with small amendments.

In - the first, everything is learned in comparison. Well, what rudeness now?! Yes it is just splashes, in comparison with what was created on our roads in 90 - x. Here then, really … Was! That, in my opinion, quite explainably. All country “fell“. And together with it and its culture. And rules of conduct including on the road, it is its component. Which could not remain in an integrity and safety if fell and all whole broke. Culture, per se.

Now everything changes. And - to the best. Perhaps it is not so prompt as it would be desirable, but what changes - is visible. Also it is visible even with the naked eye.

In - the second why emphasis is placed on obvious and frank rudeness? When you, for example, shamelessly cut at a speed. Or overtake the column which rose in a stopper, on your, oncoming lane, forcing you to brake and to move down on a roadside. Yes, and it is possible to face it on our roads. But it is particulars which meet considerably less than absence of the general culture of driving.

What I mean? Well, for example, maneuvering, including and evolution from a row in a row, without preliminary notification about planned to maneuver commission by the corresponding blinking blinker. Or turn on the left from the right row. Or … However, maybe, enough? I hope, all understood what am I telling. And the, not less vital and often found examples will be able to give straight off not one and not two.

It not frank rudeness. Lack of culture which on the road, will come time will surely backfire to someone. At the same time, that the annoying, not always to the one who forgot about elementary rules of conduct on the road. That it on the road not one. And for other participants of traffic his behavior has to be obvious, and maneuvering - predictable.

Someone, without having warned, made maneuver. And in order that he could make it, someone, being among evolution, was forced to strike brakes sharply. In turn, already the one who went behind braked did not expect from it it on the direct, well looked through site of the road and … “Drove“ in ahead the going car. Dorozhno - transport incident. Two victims. And the one who created an emergency and, in fact, is responsible for road accident, quietly goes to himself further.

Therefore it is always necessary to remember that you on the road - not one. And from your actions, their clarity and predictability for people around both your life, and life of those who appeared will of a case near you depends. Do not forget about them. Give them the chance to beforehand understand that maneuver which you are going to make. And then they at all will have time to understand, estimate and modify the actions so that to avoid even the prerequisite of emergence of road accident.

Be attentive to those people who in just the same skin of the driver, as well as you. Look, whether at all at them as it should be. Whether they need your help. Or in support. At least moral.

And if suddenly you see standing at a roadside and it is guilty the car winking an emergency signal, do not regret several minutes, stop. Ask her owner - whether all as it should be whether is necessary what help? Perhaps it is also necessary for it - that only … Liter of antifreeze or engine oil, which (well, here so it turned out!) is not present near at hand. And at you - lies in a luggage carrier. Give so necessary to someone. Then, at the following gas station, you will renew the stock.

And the person will remember you with gratitude. To remember long. And when it will appear (you never know, suddenly?!) in a mirror situation, already it will help someone. And - who knows? - is … There is a chance that once the boomerang of goodwill and mutual assistance started by you will return to you. Someone`s timely help.

Stop. Also do not pay attention who costs at a roadside with the included emergency signal there. Even if the truck which you at all desire will not be able to take, if something happens, on a tow. Perhaps people need not it at all. And some trifle, without which to them - in any way. Well, men do not know as the Murmansk track to leave to Arkhangelsk!

And you - are aware:

- Yes here! You see the index? Otvorotka to Medvezhyegorsk. Curtailed also all directly, directly … To Pudozha. Well, and there it will be necessary to leave on Kargopol. There, if that, also ask.

Share information, and let the people quietly go to Arkhangelsk so necessary to it. With a warm feeling in relation to the one who helped. Helped out. To you it is concrete. And you too - further. On the affairs. Perhaps, even absolutely in other party. But already with pleasant feeling that made... Made without what to someone here just, just five minutes ago, it was hopelessly bad. And you came and corrected everything. As kind wizard.

And who only told that they are absent? Is. It is necessary just to remember that you are not one. And if suddenly … It is simple to stop. And to become it, the wizard. For someone - very much and very kind.

Well and if for this purpose it appears a little liter packing of engine oil, the old candles left in a luggage carrier “for emergency“ or a little bit of information … Take the injured colleague “on a tie“ and … On its tow - to the next settlement where can give necessary technical assistance.