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What is fl - a market? Flea markets of Europe and Asia of

For the last half a century the world changed to unrecognizability. Mars rovers study and send data from a far mysterious star. The world wide web of the Internet entangled our blue planet. High-speed trains as if left fantastic blockbusters, create a surreality picture in the real world. Perhaps, what really remained invariable is a person.

We as well as there are a lot of millennia back, we live feelings: we suffer and rejoice, we love and we hate. And still we bargain. Despite emergence of a huge number of various markets and malls, desire to wander on the market, to find, something such and to bargain does not run low.

And the certificate to they are flea markets in many countries which exist and enjoy popularity both at tourists, and at locals. Yes, probably, will exist for a long time. On these markets it is possible to get the most rare, unique things sometimes for nothing. Such as pieces of furniture and an interior, ornament which carried great-great-grandmothers, or the cards dated a “osnadtsaty“ century.

Fli - markets, so still call such markets from English “flea markets“, are popular in the world. On the Internet there is even online - the card where the most popular of such markets are noted. Fl - it is possible to call markets the museums under the open sky as the presented goods can tell of country history.

I suggest to walk on the well-known flea markets. Perhaps, something yes we will find interesting. Let`s begin our travel on the trade street markets with known “Nome - but - it“. As you guessed, it is about Japan. Trade on open markets in the Land of the rising sun begins with the first beams of a sun and continues before dark.

Togo Shrine is considered the oldest market. It is also the most popular among visitors and local population. The market in the territory of the ancient temple - such is feature of all Japanese fl - markets is located. Goods are displayed in gardens of a tomb of the admiral of Togo Heykhatiro who ordered the Japanese fleet in russko - the Japanese war.

The choice is very diverse - from ancient porcelain dolls and wedding kimonos to modern costume jewelry. Here it is possible to meet old rolls with hieroglyphs and a fan which is more senior than his hostess on many - many years.

It is impossible to pass by tiny netsukes and knives decorated with intricate incrustation. Here everyone can get for the collection something valuable - truly in the Japanese style. It is possible to visit similar flea markets in Japan on the first, fourth and fifth Sunday of every month.

Many of us wish to visit places where “Fairy tales of the Vienna wood“ were heard for the first time. How many centuries passed, and Strauss`s music continues to fascinate and concern, at sounds of a wonderful waltz there are always concerning youth pictures. Austria - the remarkable country, and Vienna - the beautiful city well-known not only the architecture, cultural heritage and the Vienna cookies, but also the markets.

Christmas Vienna markets are known in the world as well as fl - a market at Am Hof Square. Which arose on this ancient place when since 1280 the board Gabsburgov began. Governors of Austria located in the residence Hofburg which was at Am Hof Square.

Many years on this place the main fish market was located: up to that time when there was a new market on the Danube channel. Only then trade on an old square of Am Hof replaced subject of goods. On the historical place began to sell works of art and other unique objects of old times.

A market which can be bypassed within an hour - so fascinating show that viewing of all exposed goods drags on sometimes for the whole day. But for those who do not wish to leave from treasures of old times there is a market trading at night - Nacht Flohmarkt am Sudbahnhof. The night market can be found at the Southern station.

The world not only is interesting, but also is paradoxical. It would seem what can unite prestigious houses, colourful carnivals and a flea market? It is easy to answer it a question - Notting Hill. The area well-known for the prestigious houses for elite. There is the largest and glorified market of London. In this place it is possible to meet purely English stiffness, bohemia and street style.

This place is visited not only by collectors who come from every corner of the world in search of a rarity, but also the artists selling pictures, and also world renowned stars of sport or show - business. The hobby in England is highly appreciated, and the collecting - is even higher.

In Portobello, this market so is called, almost everything is on sale, as for old times objects: the most rare volumes, plates, ancient porcelain and a gentle pastoral with purely English landscape. Here also exclusive dresses which are very demanded at women of fashion are on sale.

It is impossible to bypass all markets of the world for a short period. But we will hope that our travel will continue and ahead there will be new opening and interesting places.