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How we were counted by marketing specialists? The practical psychology in operation read

in the composition of the ninth-grader on the future profession Few years ago: “People in all country and the world need advertizing, differently as they will learn about such household things as, for example, soap“. About soap the boy, of course, bent, but who would become thirsty water solution of carbonic acid and chemical dye if “Pepsi - Coca“ and “the Cook - Cola“ did not invest millions of dollars in advertizing of the production?

you noticed that advertizing does not cause irritation in children? Children with pleasure look, listen, repeat. Adults be touched. The healthy adult is protected from the advertizing alien to the nature of his perception. The child has no filters yet in the form of beliefs, installations and values therefore he and is called by tabul rasa. Will hear “You it are worthy“ or “Enjoy life to the full“ - it will be pressed for the rest of life. While the young consumer ripens, specialists in advertizing should work with less pliable material, using weak places of our mentality. Not bad and to us to know the gaps.

Solid monographs on psychology of advertizing are learned what goods people with a certain type of accentuation - garden stock, cosmetics, luxury goods prefer goods for health or on the contrary; what have to be a video series, music, color scale “to cling“ target aktsentuirovanny audience. We were “counted“ long ago: allocated “favourite“ commodity groups of various psychological types and constructed schemes of consumer behavior taking into account a problem of education of new, excess requirements.

You are irritated by advertizing of laundry detergent? Means, in your character there is no important line of epileptoidny accentuation. Even if you out of a protest never buy these goods, producers will not come off the loser because it will be bought up by target audience - women with painful aspiration to purity and an order.

Advertizing of medicines and medical devices is addressed first of all is disturbing - to hypochondriac buyers. Demonstrative men and women who become more and more in information noise will unmistakably allocate fashionable accessories, cosmetics and perfumery, delicacies, means for maintenance of an exterior. The main target of advertizing of alcohol, means of communication, cars, tourism - a gipertima. And here goods for needlework and garden stock will not interest them, they for epileptoid and pedants.

Approximately so works individually - typological approach in advertizing - dot blow to target groups, various not with the status - a floor - age, and accentuation type.

Half a century was considered back that accentuation is almost at a half of people. Considering that technical progress does not strengthen mental health, it is possible to predict growth of number of people with different type and degree of aktsentuation. It guarantees the consumption growth because the consumer from mentally healthy, independently conceiving person with reasonable requirements, frankly speaking, any.

From media about properties of goods advertizing turned into a way of formation of new requirements and more difficult mental educations - values, beliefs, the moral principles. Advertizing broadcasts possession of a thing or use of service as a sign of vital success. There is a merge and substitution: you equal to what you eat and drink in what it is dressed and put. In the person it is inspired that its value is defined by make of the car, a suit, furniture, the mobile phone, the laptop etc. The more at the person of problem places and gaps, the more important for it external confirmation of the solvency and participation in the world strong and successful in understanding of the majority.

Dilemmas with which the best minds of the 20th century struggled - “to have or be“, “to be or seem“, received the unexpected decision today: “to have to seem“. It is incorrect to think that we live in ideological vacuum: today the ideology of consumption provoking one of the heaviest personal frustration - a narcissism to which the representatives of demonstrative type deserving separate article are inclined is actively spread.