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The pickup - work or a hobby?

Who such pikaper? How become it? And whether it is good to be it? Let`s understand for a start what is the pickup? The pickup is an acquaintance to the seducing purpose. And pikaper, respectively, those people who meet poor girls for the sake of their seducing.

A “we will plunge“ a little into history of emergence of the pickup now. The term “pickup“ was introduced in Russian by Sergey Ogurtsov who created a forum where the question “Acquaintance and Development of the Relations with an Opposite Sex“ was discussed in 1995 for the first time.

So, the first the pickup was brought to Russia by programmers. It they found on the foreign websites information on the pickup where their foreign colleagues were divided data by a fast seducing of girls by means of effective psychoequipment.

Our programmers are capable children, they began to look for algorithm, a formula on a seducing of girls. Guys love logic and all tell usually logically. These pikaper sometimes gathered, usually to popikapit little girls and to drink alcoholic beverages.

With popularity of the Internet also popularity of the pickup began to grow. And then women began to speak about pikaper.

Having read a set of articles about the pickup and pikaper, lovely girls were shocked. They began to discuss these articles violently: a pier how we can be tempted? And how love? How high and pure feelings?

The word was told in this case also by journalists. It is interesting to tell about the deceived and unfortunate girlfriends who were dumped by these heartless pikaper.

And all this led to the fact that the word “pickup“ became nearly abusive, always speak of it not in the best way.

It appears to become the supermacho, it is necessary to receive nearly 100 refusals in acquaintance to the girl. Not each guy will sustain it. The depression begins, the self-assessment and so on falls. . And from - for it very few people from these guys reach a home straight.

At acquaintance to the guy on the street, in club or at movie theater any girl can run into a pikaper. The majority of pikaper is given by excessive persistence.

And now let`s look that distinguishes the ordinary guy from a pikaper.

In - the first, it is unusual phrases at acquaintance which are used by a pikaper. In - the second, the pikaper tries to touch or embrace the girl. And in - the third, the pikaper does not like to tell about himself, it is more important to it to learn more about the girl.

These young people considering themselves as pikaper, having tempted the girl, at once she is thrown. And why? Yes because the purpose of pikaper - a seducing. Yes, seducing! They do not count on continuation, and especially on the serious relations.

Pikaper is a man who in own way loves women, tries to understand them, girls are very interesting to it. And of course, who tries to tempt. Where without it? It is a main goal!

But from - for the developed low opinion still very long time people will think of pikaper that the pickup - it is bad that pikaper are not especially nice students at whom it is bad with private life. But, unfortunately, the opinion of people around interests pikaper in the last turn.

And to us, girls not to understand in any way, the pickup is a work or a hobby.