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the “scientific“ program of Kultura channel - “Let`s show a mirror to the nature“

As they say Kultury channel “perlite“ again. The next pearl is the Let`s Show a Mirror to the Nature program
did not want to write concerning a new cycle of programs of the Culture TV channel under the strange name “Let`s Show a Mirror to the Nature “. Since this program deserves attention gram. Nevertheless, I will write, for three reasons.

1 - my post with constructive criticism which, could make this program though a little better enigmatically was gone from a forum of Kultury channel, as well as other posts. Therefore decided to expand it and to publish on other resources.
2 - this program at a forum culture is posted in the section “Science“ - if it is science! - our civilization long will not stretch that … Similar pearls of Kultury channel were described in the Bulletin No. 5 “In protection of science“ by ras. ru/FStorage/Download. aspx? id=7beb70e6 - 8863 - 4a93 - b98b - 429bc3a5f1fe and in others of releases. There incident is described when on the channel CULTURE in one of programs one housewife - the correspondent “Culturally“ befouled Darwin. But what is told by professor T. Chernigovskaya concerning genetics, neurons and, etc. the scientific facts, I think considerably surpasses incident with Darwin and leaves far for a framework of common sense and all logic. Why not to post in the section science the project “Academy“, there the truth too participants are quite different, but some releases it is quite possible to carry to science. In difference from this marasmus.
3 - to many inhabitants is already difficult to deal with the obscured perception independently where the truth and where fiction and if still to start up a yellow press under patronage of science, it can finally discredit science. But I will leave to
moral and ethical aspects and I will pass to discussion of the program. Though at once it is clear - what name such and the program. But I was confused that it at a forum in the section science. Also it was quite strange to hear absurd speeches from lips of so honored person. No, of course, any can say everything that to it will take in head. Especially on Kultura channel. And if you also doctor. that is possible absolutely will hit in the imagination and to forget about opening in sciences and common sense in general. And also about elementary logic. But in that case let`s call things by their proper names. Then it will be possible to position information correctly. And dear Chernihiv to appropriate the third doctor as the first two - absolutely other direction - the doctor in the field of a fantazerologiya and an absurdologiya, and even to nominate for the Ig Nobel Prize.
of What is necessary the summary to the
program I quote “Aristotle wrote - “the soul is a shape of a body“. Why Pushkin, speaking about the physical movements and dance, called him “ears the executed flight“? What is “the cyclic reference“ and how it influences search of the scientists studying consciousness? Than dangerously exclusively human property to delay pleasure? How it is possible to recover from love or to win it? Why smothering sometimes “goes to heels“? Participants: Sergey Medvedev is the corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the director …“
Needed to be added still Ural federal district, Eti, and some phrases to replace them with analogs “medicine for love“ - “malefices and love spells“; Chernihiv on a table to put the Magic sphere, and it is possible not badly, to earn additionally on calls of TV viewers. “The scientific program“ will go with a bang. We have alas such society that “will eat everything“ … with
But god with it with the summary. Before viewing I thought that it can was as that it is not successfully made. As it appeared, the summary is only florets … With pride I can declare that I sustained whole 2e viewing series. So this program is better than “House 2“ - which I looked only once within 30 seconds. Though watched two series of this “Mirror“ already as the horror film of real degradation of science.
Should noting that it Chernihiv warned in the first series at once that on air there will be a frank absurdity. But for some reason she considers that the absurdity is an integral part of science. I quote
- “if the science ceases to ask absurd questions …. then it will be possible to close our civilization“.
is not clear as it a civilization can be closed? For lunch perhaps. But it seems to know better to the Doctor of Philology. If at it science to be based on absurd questions. To know Chernihiv does not understand elementary things. Namely the fact that scientists set not absurd and extraordinary courageous but usually quite logical and adequate questions. Otherwise likely any idiot the asked absurd question would be a genius. Alas, the leading program has other approach. But we will turn to her questions.
Here for example if I am not mistaken in the first series quite seriously rises the question
“how to bring together a calf from a beefsteak“. As I understood, this example authors of the program want to invent a perspective from scratch and to reproach imperfection of progress.
But actually the answer to this silly intricate question very simply, is about it remembered a joke
the Russian businessman decided to pass on the experience to the son, brings him on
the factory, shows shops: - Watch
, the sonny, here the car for production of sausage: here
you put a ram, three sticks of sausage take off from here. You take two home - one you leave
. Got that? there is no
- - the son answers.
- Here you throw a ram, - three sticks of sausage take off from here, understood? there is no
- Here - a ram, from here - sticks. Got that? there is no
-. The father, and is such car: you throw sticks, and the ram takes off?
- Is the sonny, your mother!
So, creators of the program want to advise - ask the correct questions, then it is possible to receive the correct answers. In opposite cases awakes such - a fog aura out of the blue.
But absence of logic it not the most terrible.
the Most terrible the fact that the Dr.Sci.Biol. does not know function of a neuroglia. Also does not know that it carries out such consciousness and what functions. This is valid as she speaks - “arrived …“ Other pearls “the glia is not neutral … dark matter of a brain …“ etc. It is told by the Dr.Sci.Biol. While any has not enough - malsk enough for example to open for the competent person any textbook on physiology or to come into Wicky and to learn for example functions of a neuroglia. “The neuroglia carries out basic, trophic, sekretorny, differentiating and protective functions.“
In the subsequent series samorepletsiruyushchikhsya parts of DNA, etc. quite logical things - Chernihiv christened the gene garbage which remained after viruses some mysterious information which was providently created by the nature in advance and which can it is required, to us in the future. Generally, at it that not the phrase that a masterpiece. Such masterpieces are inherent to be told to any housewife of the read yellow press and the science which closed eyes to the last achievements. But when they are said by professor … the doctor of science … it of course that …
We really much do not know that, but statement of many questions in the program just shocks. And such people are given scientific degrees... I think at authors of the bulletins “In Protection of Science“ and frikipediya new “hero“ will appear.