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In what force of the Chinese tea?

For the first time the Chinese tea was mentioned in the Chinese chronicles of 2700 - summer prescription. However about its origin “celestial“ inhabitants still have no consensus, there are only a few assumptions. For example, one of them says that many years ago shepherds, watching behavior of goats and sheep, noticed an interesting detail: after eating of leaves of one of plants of a goat as if were filled with remarkable energy and cheerfulness.

Shepherds decided to try action of a plant on themselves: than “Great Confucius“ does not joke, suddenly and they will feel much better? Having dried up and having made leaves in boiled water, they tried the received broth, and - about a miracle! Marvelous drink not only gave them forces, but also on taste was just tremendous! Fragrant and saturated, it so was pleasant to Chinese that first they nicknamed him “a divine grass“.

But then as soon as Chinese did not call tea: “to“, “tsa“, sometimes “kha“, sometimes “÷óíã“, and even - “ming“. Having paraphrased a saying “how many people - so much and opinions“, it is possible to tell: “how many provinces - are so much names“. The matter is that each of them gave to tea drink the name - the unique, surprising, reflecting its unusual properties.

As a result, one important circumstance which is found out by the little later reconciled all Chinese: the best tea drink managed to be cooked from fresh, young leaves. Therefore they as a result called tea - “÷à“, or otherwise - “a young leaf“.

By the way, only for this reason with designation of tea Chinese too first had problems: they could not choose a uniform, “all-Chinese“ symbol in any way. Still residents of Celestial Empire, speaking about this drink, use several words, each of which reflects its advantages. But always - and it is invariable - add to definitions that “tea“ particle - “÷à“.

By what the Chinese tea is surprising and in what its force? You will be able to give the answer to this question. Instead of coffee make to yourself since morning Chinese tea, and immediately you will notice how it will encourage your yet not woken up organism. If to take this drink for a long time, then thanks to the minerals, vitamins and natural antioxidants which are a part of tea collecting, the Chinese tea will bring the majority of harmful substances out of your organism. Not without reason the proverb saying that three days are much better to be left without salt, than at least one day without tea, came to us from China.

And the most important - his “pioneers“ recommend to taste marvelous nectar strictly after food that instead of pleasure you would not receive the unpleasant feelings connected with “cooling“ of a stomach. Chinese say that consequences from the tea drunk next the heart are similar to “penetration of a wolf into the house“. Agree - the forest animal who ran to you on a spark without invitation could deliver to you many unpleasant minutes and concerns. Therefore and “does not recommend to drink tea on empty heart“ to you any respecting the traditions (and “house“, that is a stomach) the Chinese.