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How Yury Shevchuk wrote songs about the born in the USSR, Black dog, the dead city and love?

“A farewell fire burn down an era...“ - Shevchuk in “the Last Fall“ sang. On December 8, 1991 the Soviet era burned down up to the end - three “specific princes“ signed the Belovezhsky agreement on the termination of existence of the USSR. In order that it is not strong to shock the people, in exchange offered “imitation“ in the form of the CIS. Than disintegration of the country will halloo, the population will understand later...

“Given rise in the USSR“ (1992)

For now over the country cheerful dancings on bones of the late communism went. In 1991 figures of a pop-music and platform decided to write down the farewell version of the anthem USSR in style of the disco. Called to participate also Shevchuk. To his honor he refused, having considered that you should not mock at the past so roughly.

DDT reacted to disintegration of the Union in own way, having written down the song “Given Rise in the USSR“ in the same 1991. Soon on it the video where the group sang against the burning fires was shot. Then the song sounded rather mazhorno and optimistically.

Years later, optimism concerning “bright future after the USSR“ pouvyal, and in the version which is written down on an album of 1997, the text was changed. Changes were very indicative.
Was - “Remained nothing to us, we have all ahead“ , became - “Remained nothing to us, but is what to inform of“ . Was “The hope returned to us. To us kindness sings“ , became - “What will be returned to us by hope? What will be rescued by beauty?“ .

Yu. Shevchuk:
“... anyway, all of us were born in the USSR, and disintegration of once indestructible Union became not only an event of planetary scale, but also accident for millions of people which esteemed him the unique Homeland.

... In the Union... it was quite good, but there was a wish to be rather free. We did not understand then that the word “freedom“ means, it is very heavy actually. We waited for it, were cut for it, but it fell upon us a little... It brought for itself our misunderstanding it, from here - wars, dirt, blood, poverty, today`s feverish times and so on“.

Yes what “freedom“ such is?

Finishing conversation on this song, it is impossible to avoid a skandalchik of 2007 when Shevchuk blurted out in interview that he Oleg Gazmanov`s song “Is made in the USSR“ it is torn off from its hit. Gazmanov threatened to file a lawsuit, in reply the leader of DDT suggested to fight. Actually all this comedy did not cost the eaten-away egg.
the bright phrase “Given rise in the USSR“ was started in our cultural space by Shevchuk. At the same time it was obvious to music lovers that the leader of DDT did by this name open sending to the western hit of Bruce Springsteen “Born In The USA“ (“Given rise in the USA“). Gazmanov arrived cunning - a line, most likely, he was inspired by Shevchukovska, and the music made in the spirit of Springsteen (moreover and externally mowed some time under the American singer).

I was amused more by another - how the singer singing about Cossack captains and podjesaul suddenly, with Putin`s arrival, at once responded the song eulogizing the Soviet Union. This responsiveness, this intuition...

“the Black Dog St. Petersburg“ (1992)

If the song about Leningrad written by Shevchuk at the beginning of reorganization was full of pleasure and optimism, then dedication to St. Petersburg of 1992 quite corresponded to a spirit of the age. “Leningrad, St. Petersburg, Petrogradishche“ appeared now in image “old, terrible, dirty, wise“ a dog.

Yu. Shevchuk: “He watches
at us the short-sighted eyes in which - eternity, pain, love... Try stroke, throw a bone - will not give, will not take, not that breed. Therefore here artists, here art“

The second hit about St. Petersburg, as well as the first, Shevchuk that is told, “left“.

Yu. Shevchuk: “I remember
, “The black dog St. Petersburg“ I just left. And these three chords, a minor such, this Russian dance tune, they just entered me. I remember, I passed, in my opinion, Nevsky Avenue about Foundry - and here this (sings “A black dog“). I nearly began to cry. I think: “Well, eshkin the cat, found!“. And I looked for, understand, these three chords of month three. It is so heavy to make simply, it is very heavy“

Musicians as a part of DDT were very skillful therefore all of them time tried “to improve“ simple motives of Shevchuk. Here and tried to make of “the Black Dog“ PINK FLOYD, RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS, but the author convinced them that “mistress“ in three chords also is the real “Russian blues“ and will especially exercise the wit is not necessary. However, on a kontsertnik “A black dog“ 1992 it all - allowed musicians to podzhazovat St. Petersburg in the middle of a song therefore the song lasted for 8 minutes...

The kontsertnik, as well as the song of the same name, left gloomy and heavy. The beautiful song “You Are Not One“ on which the memorable video with the long-distance truck driver and the running dog was shot became one more of his hit.

Yu. Shevchuk:
“MAZ here gave us three trailers. And I hippovat earlier, went a self-locking device by these MAZAKH - KAMAZ. I ask: “Why you give?“ - “We heard the song “You Are Not One“. It about us. We also think, we want the same“

“Dead city“ (1995)

After collapse of the USSR the national conflicts in Russia not only did not cease, and inflamed with a new force. Instead of the Afghan war the country received war in the territory - namely in the Chechen autonomous republic. At the time of “lawlessness“ of 1990 - x the Chechen war became especially bloody, dirty and inconsistent (troops entered, removed, and Grozny was stormed by two times).

As the true national intellectual (I tell it without irony) the leader of DDT did not begin to sit out in the distance, and the first of musicians jerked at the beginning of 1995 directly to the Caucasus, in a thick of military operations. Storm of Grozny began just on New Year`s Eve.

Yu. Shevchuk:
. I went outside from the cellar, all in dust. Silence. Ruins slowly become covered as a shroud, white snow... And next morning snow dropped out...“
the first song of Shevchuk (and probably in general the first famous song) about the Chechen war - “The dead city So was born

. Christmas“. Very scary and very strong song as it is musical, and poetically.

... And next morning snow
After long fire dropped out.
This snow killed me,
Extinguished a short century.
Ya took him in a palm,
Spitted out in white dirt and dust.
Whether nebyl, whether byl,
Whether eternity, whether stench...
the Horrors seen by Shevchuk in the war did not change

his peacekeeping illusions. In October, 1996 DDT will even give in the center of Grozny a concert at which there will be both Russian soldiers, and the Chechen fighters. During a concert no excesses occurred, but also war, clear, did not stop. Shevchuk who was not the fool to fight, did not understand that there are cases when the truce is impossible.

Yu. Shevchuk:
“Was seen by me and courage of our soldiers. I understood that the closer to a front line, the people are purer. All dirt descends when nearby death. I was delighted by these people. They do the duty and are not guilty of anything. And politicians who untied this slaughter are guilty“

But to the leader of DDT you will not refuse neither courage, nor talent. On the Chechen war two more strong songs - bitter “Boys“ will be born and fighting “Whistled“.

“Love“ (1995)

not to go crazy from what was seen, Shevchuk leaves Chechnya from where he straight goes to the village. There, in silence and outdoors, he recovers, and begins to prepare the new program. With great difficulty it pulls out all light that could remain after visit of Chechnya from soul hiding places.
is not casual the first written song which defined and the name of a new album, there is “Love“. It was the next attempt of Shevchuk to keep optimism and a positive even these sad years. Though the song quite sadly begins ( “He lived many years, he lived many winters. Gray days, and nobody near it lasted“ ), further we see how, contrary to everything, the nature comes to life and recovers the city.

Yu. Shevchuk:
“After you see the evil such barefaced, at the imperial level, the love wants, heat, light. The soul is eager for rescue. From fire, dirt, a krovishcha.... And though, perhaps, the song pop turned out - it is expensive to me“.

On such song S. Debezhev removed, probably, one of most “pop“ - that is, beautiful and expensive - clips where the starting like the rocket, Alexander Column was especially remembered. It is clear, that in this case did not do without sponsors - so, in shots it is possible to see hours with an inscription “Bashcreditbank“.

Yu. Shevchuk:
“When we wrote down this song in America - even called up to Debizhev. I cut off couplets, looked for a rhythm - we called up, and it mounted the clip. For the first time we made such attempt of work when music and video filming become in parallel. I do not know what from this left. We wanted to create the video fairy tale, to shoot the unexpected, magnificent video. It seems to me that the clip outweighs the song“.

, Yury Yulianovich, the song appeared excellent too - bright and really light. And on this major note my cycle of articles about DDT comes to an end...