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Summer camp - how to arrange to the child rest without problems?

All children look forward to approach of summer - happy and carefree time of the longest vacation. And at parents during this period very topical issue what vacation spot will be optimum where their beloved child not only fully would have a rest for the child, as a rule, becomes ripe, but also would spend summertime with advantage for mind and a body and at the same time also safely.

Of course, it is possible to send the child to the village to the grandmother, but, in - the first, not all have such opportunity, and in - the second, similar rest not always pleases the child. And useful to it rest in one of children`s camps which choice is very various will become more interesting. And here at first it is better for parents to define a main objective of this rest, and then to discuss options with the child.

If the main desire of parents that the child derived the maximum benefit from vacation, then excellent option can become a trip to the international camp abroad. The main advantage of such camps is a learning of foreign language in the most natural way: at immersion on language Wednesday. At the same time the child will have no feeling of the study bothering to it. In addition to everything the program of stay in camp is sated with sport, excursions and other interesting actions in which it will participate, communicating with peers from the different countries and getting new friends.

Also nurseries improving camp at the sea enjoy wide popularity. It is possible to choose option for every taste and a purse - from the most budgetary Sea of Azov to more expensive camps in the Mediterranean. At the same time it is necessary to think in advance of the permit and all necessary documents - certificates of preventive inoculations and specific features of the child, for example an allergy, intolerance of any medical supplies etc. Such rest will bring to the child not only improvement, but also mass of positive emotions.

Exist also camp of sanatorium type for the children having any diseases. In such establishments the child can receive medical treatment and strengthen the health under supervision of professional doctors. For the children who are fond of sport are created sports camp which are classified by sports and different sports levels. And is also profile camp which program is under construction on interests. Children are divided into groups according to their hobbies. For them will organize various thematic actions which help them to develop artly, to study the computer, to be engaged in the photo, to expand knowledge of chemistry, physics, astronomy.

After the place of stay of the child during the summer period is defined, there comes time to pack things and to carry out necessary instructing. It is important to secure the child against possible troubles which can trap him on vacation. And, in spite of the fact that he will be under supervision of teachers, it is better to think over and speak some things with it in advance. In - the first, it is necessary to make sure surely that in camp where the child goes, are properly observed sanitarno - hygienic norms to minimize a possibility of food poisonings. Fortunately, such cases are single, and generally they occur when children eat something, bought out of camp.

Stay in camp, unfortunately, sometimes does not do without traumatism. As much as possible to prevent possible grazes, bruises or it is worse than that dislocations and fractures, parents surely have to acquaint the child with safety rules, and also traffic regulations. Here the task of the adult has to consist in education of feeling of care and intelligence, making this or that action, the child thought of consequences.

One more problem, widespread in children`s camps, about which you should not forget is the head pediculosis. He is given generally at direct contact - at contact of hair. And as children in camp closely communicate with each other and spend together much time, it is impossible to warn infection. The head pediculosis at the child is accompanied as by physical discomfort (a severe skin itch and raschesa which usually appear in places of stings of louses), and psychological - almost always the child has a sense of guilt or shame from the fact that it caught this disease. In order that during summer holiday the child did not face such problem as a pediculosis, the main task of parents - to inform it of elementary rules of hygiene. It is important to tell the child that it is necessary to use only own hairbrush and a towel, to carry only the headdresses. But also it, unfortunately, does not guarantee prevention of infection with parasites.

“First of all before sending the child to children`s camp, parents should talk surely to it about what is a pediculosis. Important, without frightening him, to explain what is louses as this disease is transmitted in what its feature and how to get rid of it. And the most important to inform the child that a pediculosis - it is not terrible, everyone can catch it“, - Olga Spiridonova, the employee of RBOO “Center of Medical Pedagogics“, the expert of the “Happy Childhood without Pediculosis“ program advises.

Rest in children`s camp, sanatorium, language school is an important stage of a growing of the child therefore it is important to parents to try to make so that this trip became for it the special stage in life testifying to his independence and responsibility. Then memoirs on its results will only remain with the child the lightest and pleasant.