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How Yury Shevchuk wrote about a presentiment of civil war, the Homeland - the ugly creature and the last fall?

of the Song about revolution and thaw - it, of course, are fine. But it turned out that notorious reorganization does not update and improves the Soviet society, and, on the contrary, leads to full-scale accident. Freedom addressed a universal mess, all old wounds were disturbed, and society was split on several by the direction at once. to

First signs (to be exact crows) future disorder the national conflicts became i>

, international slaughter of Armenians and Azerbaijanians in Nagorno-Karabakh 1987 - 88

the Nervousness and mutual hatred which impregnated society and steel “an inspiration source“ for a new song of DDT - “The Presentiment of Civil War“ became first of which.
according to Shevchuk, he wrote it at February sleepless night 1988 right after Alexander Bashlachyov`s funeral.

Yu. Shevchuk (from different interviews): “To me it was directly absolutely bad
. Pakhnulo big tragedy, great blood...
... there was no presentiment. What there presentiment... It was the song about what existed and exists in all of us. Civil war in each of us“.

When you stand at a hungry wall,
When instead of the sun the loop,
sparkles When you see in the opinion of the night
When your hands are ready to trouble...
When cloud is lower than knees,
When on teeth pieces of language,
When a nationality votes for blood,
When the loneliness squeezes out completely,
When the word “Belief“ is similar to a knife,
When books on bells,
melt When suicide is the most honest,
When instead of a rhythm a nervous trembling...

Later many will see similarity of music of “Presentiment“ with the well-known song of Iggy Pop “The passenger“ of 1977. However the identical sequence of chords hardly turns these songs into twins - brothers.
B the song will be perfectly arranged, written down 1989 and will go to the people, first of all, thanks to the memorable E. Aksenov`s clip. Except cutting of the shots literally illustrating a lyrics, the clip differed in original animation where images of the known pictures started moving and changed. So the boy on “Red Kone“ of Petrov - Vodkina turned into the “red“ rider Apokalipsis jumping on the sky, a name to which War (“The anti-Utopia on a rusty horse will open with the graves which were tired to wait...“ ).

“John the Evangelist`s revelation“, 6:
“Also other horse, red left; and sitting on it is allowed to take the world from the earth and that killed each other; also the big sword is given it.
... And when It (the Innocent person - S. K.) removed the fifth press, I saw under an altar of soul murdered for Bozhiye`s word and for the certificate which they had.
I were begun to yell by them by a loud voice, speaking: how long, the Lord svyaty and true, you do not judge and you do not revenge living on the earth for our blood?

As you could already guess, did not do in the clip and without Dali. At the end of a song the shapeless heap of meat is extended in the well-known picture of the Spanish surrealist which actually and gave the name to the song. However, the artist used cunning - originally the picture was called “A soft design with boiled beans“, and only later (after civil war in Spain) he renamed it into “the Presentiment of Civil War“. “Prophecy“ backdating turned out...

the Following bitter hit about the Homeland Shevchuk wrote

“Homeland“ (1989 - 90) to

in 1989 after reading of earlier disgraced novel B. Parsnip “Doctor Zhivago“. The novel is this, as on me, not a literary masterpiece of the ingenious poet. But he touched upon subjects of Stalin repressions, and the long “dissident loop“ tried to keep step with him.
So in a lyrics appeared “black headlights at the next gate“ (a funnel of People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs), “retired executioners“ and “the crowded executioner`s block“. Shevchuk, however, joked that “Homeland“ quite could be of “songs of Sagittariuses“ (Streletsky revolt with which Pyotr I cruelly finished means).
By the way, in the initial version which was heard from the TV screens somewhere in a year 1990 - m, was not the third couplet about “God yet - the father“ Stalin, chernosotenets and “the kind tsar“. The final studio version of a song appeared for some reason extremely late - even in 1992 on an album “Actress Vesna“.

Of course, the song powerfully sounded, beginning with akapellny roar under a metronome of the drummer and blowing up the well-known refrain where “Homeland“ was nearly for the first time rhymed with “ugly creature“. First Shevchuk sang: “But it is pleasant to us, though not the beauty“ , and then, probably having decided that it is too unpatriotic, began to sing “Sleeping Beauty“ . Well, and where “To the swine is trustful, well, and to us... the Torah - la - la“ was obviously guessed a bad rhyme by “bum“. During concert executions Shevchuk playfully beat pioneer salute and an army afterfeast of honor, turning them into a nazi greeting. And then it is youth especially did not mangle …

Yu. Shevchuk: “Unless the sense of this song is not clear to
? The homeland to like - to kiss not birches. For us a synonym of love for the country - not “herrings - carrots“, and very serious, honest attitude towards her. And it is enough ugliness. Though it is enough also love“.

generally, “I love fatherland, but strange love“... Well, and the subject of irrational love to “the homeland - the ugly creature“ will appear in Perestroika fate - music still more than once.

CREMATORIUM group: “You have
no eyes or you are so drunk
so many holes Here, and you sleep on a clothes line
Perhaps, you a mutant with the mixed
O blood the hare my
my unfortunate birdie
Ya I love you
Ya I remain with you
U - at - my homeland“.

ZERO group: “As I hate
, so I like the Homeland
I to be surprised here, the right, companions nothing
Such she is a deaf, blind ugly creature
And to love - that to me more and there is nothing“

“In the Last Fall“ (1990 - 92)

Is noticed by

that when Yury Shevchuk is full of cheerfulness and hopes, he writes songs about spring and when the sadness and longing begins to consume it, songs about fall flow. “Falls“ the leader of DDT wrote very much what just right to specify.

Noize MC:
“-the Grandfather Shevchuk, sing to us the song about fall!
- And to you what, children? At me their pieces eight!“

Most it is national favourite, certainly, the song “What Is Fall“ is. But I already in detail wrote about it.
Personally for me the best song of DDT in every respect is “the Last Fall“, or as it was called by the author “In the Last Fall“. To me even has the luck to be present at the first public execution of future hit. There was it at the Moscow concert of memory of Victor Tsoi in October, 1990. Probably, the song strongly was pleasant not only me, but also the author who after its execution addressed crowd with words: “If it is possible, I will play it once again“.

One more “fan of fall“ - Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin was also mentioned in the song. But if Pushkin by fall treated with affection and light grief, then at Shevchuk notes of some hopelessness, approach by the end sounded.

A.S. Pushkin:
I every fall I blossom again;
to my Health is useful to the Russian cold;
To life habits I feel love again:
the Succession flies a dream, finds a succession hunger;
easy and joyfully plays blood in heart,
of Desire boil - I am happy, young again,
Ya again lives poln - such is my organism
(Desire to forgive me an unnecessary prosaism).

Yu. Shevchuk:
the Hungry sea, hissing, the Autumn sun absorbed
, and behind clouds
you do not remember any more what here was, will not touch
I of a dusty grass by hands.
Go to the last fall poets, them not to return
I, a sun blind is driven in.
Remained rains and the frozen summer.
Remained love and the recovered stones.

Yu. Shevchuk:
“The church for me is not people. The church is an autumn wood. The nature dies again to be born. You go, leaves, the sky transparent rustle. And you speak good luck. Probably, to explain it, it is necessary to have other sight. In that case music can help is a step to silence“.

Soon on the song will shoot the video, and in 1992 it will leave on a plate “Actress Vesna“.
Once Shevchuk said that he seeks to write one - ideal - the song. It seems to me that “the Last Fall“ - it is most and is.

But on it creativity of DDT, of course, will not end...