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How to give a gift to darling? Your best present is I!

On the eve of any holiday, and especially - such grandiose event as birthday of the young man, many women begin to suffer in thoughts concerning a gift for the soulmate. And here the main thing - to understand that the gift price, not very well, the original it or a fake has no value. Important only the fact that you enclose in it, and then the cheapest, purely symbolical gift can be made invaluable! by

In one comedy show played the moment when the coquettish woman presents to the spouse a gift on birthday, and the underwear set lies there. The man, expecting something another, is upset, and his spouse, sighing from affected melancholy, timidly speaks: “There now, did not approach. I will go I will try on that to good to vanish …“ In fact, it is a right course, but this moment needs to be presented correctly.

If the love and the gentle relation to each other, after long or still short years of joint life reign in a family, then to dress the royal body in magnificent laces and to present the passion to the second half - idea, ingenious on the simplicity and resourcefulness. And even the ordinary men`s tie tied on your brittle neck, a charm for its keys, lovingly the connected woolen socks at such delightful moment become a remarkable gift.

Not to be afraid of experiments and not to hesitate of the body - here two main precepts which can turn measured family life into the real holiday every day. Having done this work on itself, you will understand what for darling will become unimportant, fantastically beautiful linen is put on you or is not present or maybe only the shirt bought it as a gift because your eyes sparkling from playfulness, the coquetry attracting to itself and the charm which is taking down everything on the way will become the real gift is put on!

Of course, in a rush of inspiration you should not forget about interests and a hobby of the soulmate, for the inveterate fisherman there is no gift better, than the latest rod, and for the fan of soccer - the ticket for a match. Also you should not forget that all men even if they have height of two meters and carry a rough bristle, in essence boys and if you observed these manifestations in the MCh earlier, then the helicopter on the control panel or a box with details for assembly of the ship can become option for a gift. Perhaps, it is the simplest option of the choice of a gift because here really huge set of options: it can be disks with a computer game, a belt, the photo you two, the subscription to the gym, boxing gloves and many other things. Everything depends on character and preferences of your MCh, and here the best for you the adviser - your intuition.

In conclusion it would be desirable to add that all people love gifts and lovely surprises and therefore, regularly giving each other care, heat and tenderness, it is possible to remain lovely teenagers in love forever! Do not forget to remind about it to the half, unostentatiously, moderately, infrequently, but nevertheless to ask, looking in his eyes in love: “Tell, your best present is … I?“ And it, feeling inflow of pride for remarkable and the beloved, will tell: “Naturally!“