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You were stopped by the inspector of traffic police. How to behave?

will make a reservation At once, the author - not the professional psychologist, but the most ordinary driver. One of many thousands (hundreds of thousands!) daily and hourly traveling about on immense Russian open spaces. Each of which not once or twice came up against such situation when you go, go, it seems break nothing … if break

A, then so … Trifle. Well, not without it. Saints - they in heaven, and we go on the ground, guilty. And not only we go. But also we go. Also there are among the last no those who were never stopped by the inspector of traffic police. There are no such! And if who and assures you of the return - do not believe.

And when all - not to someone there in general, and is concrete to you, waved a striped stick … Like, stop, a pigeon gray-winged, park at a roadside. What to do? How to behave?

Of course, all of us - different. And inspectors differ from each other. But, as it seems to me, there have to be some general psychological principles of behavior of the participant of traffic at a meeting with the inspector of traffic police. In any case, brought several simple rules by which also I am guided out of own practice, and today I want to share with those, this question can be interesting to a lump:

1. Do not provoke aggression. Tone - equal, friendly. It is desirable a smile. But at all not fawning. Just at you - good mood, and you want that this mood was transferred also to the inspector.

2. Note of sympathy for the inspector. Not the straight line! Otherwise you already give in, as if begin to fawn upon the person in shoulder straps. This cannot be done at all. What for? it is simple to note as if about himself aloud: “Well, and weather, today! The doge - zhishche (or a zharishcha, or vetrishch - shche!) “...

It is clear, that to the inspector on the road this dozhdishch - shcha is far worse, than to you, in the car. Small phrase. Couple of words. But them you let know that you understand the inspector. Hardly for it. Service of it. But where from it to get to? It is necessary as in the Charter, “it is resistant to endure the hardships and deprivations“ … It is necessary! And it had to stop you. Service. But he is not obliged to spoil to you mood. It the administration does not force to do it. The service does not extend to mood. And in the Charter about it is a word. Here you two persons equal each other.

3. Do not provoke the inspector in general! like “I something violated Phrases?!“ - are simply inadmissible. You confidence (not to confuse to self-confidence!) what was broken nothing also with documents at you - a full order. Of course, time on time is not necessary and if you know that violation was, and feel that it is known also to the inspector … It is not necessary to assure the person who stopped you of the return and to expose him in his eyes the full idiot. We initially recognize from the fact that on the road two equal personalities. Persons. At each of which idiocy signs are absent at all.

Of course, not always, but in most cases these simple rules help. Besides - from own practice...

I go. Well, everything also begins - as usual. Wave to me from a roadside a staff. And I understand - why. The passenger, that to the right of me, by a seat belt it is not fastened.

Naturally, I turn on the right blinker, I brake and I begin to be reconstructed from the row to a roadside. And itself, without changing either position of the head, or a look, quietly I speak to the friend: “Be fastened“.

we Park. The inspector approaches, it is represented: “Your documents“.

Documents, so documents. “Please“. the Rights, the certificate on registration of the vehicle, an insurance … “At you the passenger will not fasten

a seat belt“. here the friend begins to do to

I what cannot be done at all. What I already spoke about: provokes counter aggression and exposes the inspector the idiot:

- Yes as will not fasten? And it that? shows

I on the belt which is just fastened from my hint. But we - that know that it was not fastened. Also we understand, as the inspector it knows …

- Yes, the commander, broke. But my documents at you in hands. Make out the protocol. - Is not present

, Rules were violated not by you, and your passenger. Its documents. I Smile to

pardonably - well, here such friend at me, but surely I answer with an equal and quiet voice:

- Yes, but the passenger - at me in the car. And responsibility for all events both out of it, and in her - on me. And only on me. Make out.

of Minutes five we here so, quietly, without raising at each other the voice, poprepiratsya concerning the one who has to bear responsibility for perfect violation then I received the documents and left quietly, having heard at parting traditional:

- Happy journey!

Well, the inspector did not want to punish me. For what? To counter aggression it was not provoked. Did not make out a fool. Did not fawn, kept exactly and surely. And here on my friend, be on that his will, the inspector would write out a penalty. But - managed. Probably, including because we correctly behaved at a meeting with it.

And to you - the same. Good luck all on roads. Nailing, a staff!