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Alexander Gradsky who is he? Singer, actor, musician, composer...

Ya treated Alexander Gradsky cool, yet did not get on his concert … The girlfriend left for a long time if not forever, Germany (married the German), and in our “program“ of farewell communication included several visits of theaters and on concerts. On terrible protection two tickets for Gradsky`s performance were got.

We sat on elite places in an environment of bohemia of art, terribly hesitated of the neighbourhood with stars, but as soon as on a scene Gradsky appeared and began to sing, I forgot about everything. An unusual, unique voice, virtuosity, the strongest charisma which is simply bursting forth - and it struck me in the heart …

it made the same impression On my friend, she was his fan also before, but as she told, every time, listening to it alive, she anew endures the moments of delight and the first love for his talent. I want to tell you about the impressions in more detail and to mention some facts of the biography of Alexander Gradsky.

The Soviet and Russian singer, one of founders of the Russian rock, in the town of Kopeysk of Chelyabinsk region in 1949 was born. Lost mother in 14 years … After moving from Kopeysk in 1957 long lived at the grandmother. The strongest and, likely, decisive impact on young Gradsky was exerted by the uncle on mother who as a part of Moiseyev`s ensemble periodically went abroad and brought disks with music from there. Only the elite like party workers and diplomats could listen to such music in those days. Thanks to these plates and a fine stereosystem (which the uncle brought from too - for borders), future “godfather“ of the Soviet fate could already get acquainted at teenage age with the representatives of music world best for those times.

At once upon termination of institute of Gnesinykh Gradskomu the happy ticket to the world of art that is called dropped out. Just then Andrey Mikhalkov - Konchalovsky shot the “Romance about lovers“. So it happened that the composer who had to write music to the movie for some reasons refused, and the candidacy of the young, but promising Gradsky was proposed, he was already known as the creator and the participant of Skomorokhi group by then. The movie made grandiose success and brought to the composer and the performer of songs (Gradsky himself performed voice parts in the movie) a world fame - the American magazine “Billboard“ appropriated it an award of “A star of year“ - “for an invaluable contribution to world music“.

The creative biography of this remarkable person on all his way in the world of music developed unusually successfully. People of generation of my parents all listened to it “As we were young“, “To us not to live without each other“, “Once upon a time there was I“, “I since the childhood dreamed height“ … He is the author of songs to more than forty movies, and in many sings the songs. Gradsky even tried writing fate - operas and fate - ballets, about separate songs it is possible to talk in general endlessly! For example, “The song about the friend“ - from the movie “Prisoner of Chateau D`If“, a picture is shot based on the well-known novel of Dumas “the Count Monte - Cristo“, and the success of this picture was predetermined not only magnificent actors, but also songs beautiful, full of feelings.

Alexander Gradsky even wrote music to animated films! In a series of animated cartoons “The cheerful roundabout“ is the amusing animated film “Princess and Cannibal“, and Gradsky is the author and the performer of a ridiculous and witty song in it.

This interesting and talented person has incalculable quantity of the state awards, he is a Honored worker of arts of Russia, the winner of the State award. However not only in Soviet period he was awarded by high ranks - in 2000 the president of Russia personally appropriated to the singer and the composer a rank of the people`s artist of the Russian Federation.

… Now we will return to that concert. The first office consisted of old and new songs alternately with stories about, about the interesting facts from life. Gradsky easily passed from one subject to another, witty answered notes from the hall, carried out orders of enthusiastic listeners, executing the works of different years.

The second office consisted, according to the description in an applet, of romances. I if it is honest, was in perplexity in advance - in spite of the fact that I very much liked the first office, I hardly imagined how the author and the performer of “ songs of the Perestroika blues“ or “Furious construction crew“ will sing romances.

The romance “Burn with Gori, My Star“ was the first number. We with the girlfriend even closed eyes from delight - I cannot describe, it is how beautiful and with feeling Gradsky executed this all known and even a little “worn out“ work … Suddenly the voice of the singer made a pause, another, absolutely broke off, strange sounds were heard, we with the girlfriend opened eyes and in the sheer shock stared at a scene - Gradsky cried!. It sobbed violently, got a huge handkerchief, the beginnings in it is noisy to blow nose. The famous director sitting near us jumped, rushed on a scene, threw the arms round Gradsky a neck and, too drowned in tears, endlessly repeated: “Sasha, you talantishche, I love and I respect!“ The hall in a complete silence reverentially watched this scene … the disk with the autograph remained

U me from this concert for memory - Gradsky in a break left to public and signed disks, applets and just paper pieces everyone, and he did it without arrogance of a celebrity, managed to tell everyone the kind word and to express gratitude for love to his creativity.

… When to me it is sad, I find the song “In Fields under Snow and a Rain“ performed by A. Gradsky. It is extraordinary sensual, very sad, but the touch to fine always increases to me mood!