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Whether there is a harvest lazy?

So developed circumstances that I was not two years at the dacha. Arrived in the last dates of May and clutched at the head. Both a kitchen garden, and beds and everything demanded caring working hands around. And where to take them in a heat of a landing season?

All evening reflected how to bring order, to plant vegetables that and with a harvest to be, and not to fall “death brave“ on six hundred parts? Rose together with the sun and in the morning - for good reason.

When took out a dry grass and garbage on a compost heap, suddenly remembered that more than once it was necessary to hear about melon and pumpkin, grown up on compost. And in a flank somehow in an electric train with enthusiasm the old summer resident told about potato. If it is honest, I then did not believe it. Thought, brags, for the sake of a witty remark. And here such case most was presented.

Wandered on a site, pozaglyadyvat in all corners in search of the necessary container. Of course, did not find a barrel, but the high old pan on 50 l was found. Put it at compost, filled on an earth bottom (a third of a pan) and put a two-three of the potatoes wrinkled with small eyes. The neigbour wanted to throw out this good, and I asked for myself. Powdered generously zemelky and from above put some more potatoes. Repeated this procedure until the pan was completely filled. Added humus from compost to each layer of the earth. Well watered with warm rain water (stood nearby in a bucket), and from above covered with a dry grass that moisture remained.

The compost heap after cleaning of a site looked slovenly too. Decided to give it a decent look also. Raked up a fresh grass aside, and loosened the rotted-through compost from above a little. Made small holes and put in them sunflower seeds of pumpkin and a vegetable marrow. From above covered with a dry grass that the earth did not dry, and watered a little.

Days off came to an end, but I set a goal: to reanimate giving with advantage for a harvest. Managed to prepare still vitamin mix for vegetables. Cut without grass roots, everything that came to hand: nettle, horsetail, yarrow, goutweed, shchiritsa, etc. Crushed. Put in a plastic tank and filled in with water to the very top. Covered because the smell of this tincture does not cause pleasant associations, and with quiet soul left home. Running beforehand, I will tell that in 10 days ready vitamin mix already can use. It is enough one-liter jar on a bucket of water to water vegetables and flowers that I successfully also did all summer. When tincture reached a limit, prepared new.

In one of arrivals I found out that potato in a pan magnificently ascended, and on a compost heap sprouts of a vegetable marrow and pumpkin appeared. I in addition zamulchirovat them the fresh grass which remained from a lawn hairstyle. Covered with the same grass also the earth under potato in a pan. Poured out other grass on beds which did not manage to set that the weed on them did not behave violently. From above on the dried-up grass added to each arrival fresh, crushed by a lawn-mower or a usual knife. Soon pumpkin and a vegetable marrow dismissed thick lashes. They in free flight spread on the earth and looked very beautifully, towering on a compost heap. There were first fruits.

That summer at me was a good harvest of vegetable marrows and pumpkin on porridge and juice I grew up notable. Experimental potato in a pan felt comfortable. I regularly loosened the earth, watered it with vitamin mix because summer of rains was almost not. Colorado beetles (as without them?) collected manually. It did not take multitime and forces.

In August when the bush turned yellow, just overturned a pan sideways and threw out all its interiors on the earth. To collect tubers (one in one) did not make big work. Them there was almost a bucket (without top). Of course, would not be enough for winter of such harvest, but I that year on landing had neither time, nor seeds. But I took great pleasure from the process of experiment and was satisfied with its results. And work at the dacha did not seem such tiresome.