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And you celebrate the Day of the Weed?

to Admit, I not really like to fight against weeds. Every time when I take a chopper in hand, I heave a deep sigh. Though after weeding with satisfaction I look at beds or beds. The result is pleasing to the eye, and the soul is filled with pride of a small victory over itself.

complained of weeds to the neigbour Once. At it on a kitchen garden and in flower beds an ideal order. The woman Nyura listened, knowingly nodded, and then asked:

- And whether you are able to weed, a devonka? In any business there are secrets. If to follow rules, and weeding becomes not in burden, and in pleasure.

I is puzzled looked at it and kept silent though thought that it is good to argue on pension when except a kitchen garden there are no other cares. But the woman Nyura as if read my thoughts. Again shook the head and invited to drink a tea under a pear.

- To weed - to prick hands, - she concluded, spilling fragrant tea on grasses. - A lot of mind is not necessary. Take and pull a grass hands or in wide row-spacings be active a chopper. And you include cunning, think of what you do.

Also the neigbour told me that it is necessary to fight against weeds on special science. In other words, to come for weeding only on the decreasing Moon . Together with the Moon and the weeds will leave a kitchen garden. And still, it appears, not and the weed is useless, and even it the has a holiday - on June 19. Propolnik, or Propolotiye, he is called. This day weeds are not damned, and esteem as magic attributes of the Mother - Earth.

On a Christmas-tide it is day of Illarion - a propolnik (Lavrivon, Larion). Whom it is appointed, we do not know it because long ago it was. In ancient calendars such day was registered, and still in villages from old people it is possible to hear an explanation of an origin of this strange holiday. To this date the first stage of garden works comes to an end. Even the latest cultures are already landed. With care of all landings and crops it is necessary to keep within till haymaking. And weeds as if specially entered such time of growth, as it is convenient to grasp them and seeds did not ripen yet. It is a high time to weed. It and modern agronomists confirm. Not for nothing, it is visible, and the saying appeared: Lavrivon - weeds from the field!

In the villages of Propolotiye always looked forward. Early in the morning there was all female population in the field. Not with disappointment or irritation, and with delight and awe, expectation of a touch to mysterious. Diligently pulled out an unusable grass and sentenced, sang special words:

“As I palyvat weeds, pulled unusable with korenye, pulled out a solitude garden, and pull out, Mother - Earth, from me an unrest and clear me in Propolotiye“.

of Mother taught daughters to diligence and explained that this magic day during weeding they should pull out from the earth to themselves beauty, to the senior women in a family - health, to the father and brothers - force, and all together - a tasty and useful feast. Here future good harvest means.

In operation it riddle simple. Weeds, except mystical, store in themselves also curative properties. On many of them there are sentences. For example, pulling out a field horsetail, whispered: “A horsetail, a green sosenka, appease black blood in me forever“. And then infusions or decoctions from this grass the catarrhal phenomena in kidneys or a bladder treated. And still the field horsetail improves blood supply, tightens wounds, strengthens hair.

For a St. John`s Wort there is other plot. Low over a grass inclined and whispered treasured words: “A St. John`s Wort - a grass, valiant blood! God`s slaves enter blood, rejuvenate it. Ninety nine diseases will leave, will die from curative your force, again not to be born it yes not to come back. Hunting I drink a grass, I drive ninety nine diseases, I save forces, any trouble as a dry blade, I will break. All diseases - away, God to me in the help“.

Having dried up a grass, used it for a tea zavarivaniye (one tablespoon on a glass of boiled water). Before drinking this tea, it is necessary to read every time this plot that his magic words came true.

And what holiday without guessing ? For this purpose girls needed to collect a bouquet from the blossoming weeds. And not to choose, and to tear everything that came to hand. Then, having retired, everyone attentively considered a bouquet because also the weed has the symbol. For example, the violet represents modesty, a cornflower - sensitivity, a hand bell - garrulity, mint - passion of feelings, zheltenky night blindness - appointment, a bindweed three-colored - a coquetry, a bindweed field - humility.

Modern girls not always show interest in natural magic. And in days of old symbols of each plant in the people admitted and esteemed.

So bouquet? On it its importance did not come to an end but only began. Also it was required to find out what flowers in it prevail. Let`s tell, a dandelion, a buttercup, a camomile - solar plants. They give vital energy, provide beneficial influence of the sun. Such yellow bouquet is advised to divide into two parts and to put in vases in the opposite ends of the room. It is possible to strengthen still these shine colors, having arranged behind them a mirror to impregnate the room with a stream of solar energy.

If the girl was not lucky earlier, to her the good mood and health surely came back. But it is necessary to watch a condition of flowers strictly. As soon as they begin to wither, the bouquet needs to be thrown out immediately not to get under its negative influence.

If in a festive bouquet there was more than blue and blue flowers, so color of their petals was subject to Venus - the planet of love. And his owner was given warm happiness. By the way, intermediaries between Venus and the person - a fern, a forget-me-not, a cornflower.

There was a blue bouquet, and the girl has to take out from it 3, 7 or 9 flowers, to dry up them, to sew up in a silk rectangular sack of blue or green color and to carry it on a neck or pinned to linen. This amulet surely will help with love affairs.

For men there is the weed too - a thistle. About it there is the introduction. Pulling out it, the man keeps saying: “There is a tree, Pang - a tree. On this tree leaves shemakhansky, canes Bukhara, claws supostatsky“.

It at first sight the plant seems cruel and ruthless to all. However it shows these qualities only to those who violated rules of good or coveted others. The plant sticks into such person prickles.

And still the owner hung up a thistle over a house door, and no evil spirits inside got. If the head of the family was a hunter, he fumigated with a smoke from a dry grass of a thistle the gun. It is a right sign to the fact that the gun will shoot straight and good luck will come on hunting.

So weeds in our life are not so useless. There is nothing superfluous in the nature.