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How to make haricot on - Hungarian?

As you will listen to different clever brains, so haricot - just a well of different poleznost. And you will look … Little oval doggy. Slightly more largely than a nail. And here in this baby - there are so much different vitamins … Heap. The heap is small simply! And And, both B, and C, and E … Plus to them also K with PP at the same time. And their most part in haricot not one by one, and the most real crowd. Groups of vitamins.

If to consider that in this bean hostel - also different minerals like copper, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, iron … And as soon as all together they squeeze into this small fasolka?! And having squeezed, not just like that stand, passive passengers. Puff, try, different to all of us bring to usefulness.

Zinc and copper, for example, strengthen secretion of gastric juice. What, by the way, is important also at liver diseases, and at gastritises. Potassium positively influences our warm system, maintaining its working capacity. And all together, having combined the vitamin and microelement efforts, - do not allow to be formed to a scale and even … Dissolve stones in kidneys!

And there is more to come. The use of haricot reduces sugar level in blood. So for patients sugar diabetes this bean - not just useful foodstuff, but the real stick - a lifesaver.

In a word, “eat, citizens, haricot, you will be healthy!“

But … Advantage - it, of course, is good. Speak, useful habits prolong life. Unlike harmful which do it pleasant. And here at haricot - any differences. It has all - both usefulness, and a gratefulness - rolled into one! I so if honestly, I love haricot more not for the fact that it is useful. Namely for its taste. Tasty it, tasty! Even I am not going to argue about it. Because it is sure, the one who will decide to approve the return … Yes he just does not know how to cook it!

And it is not so difficult to prepare a haricot dish, by the way. Here, for example, retseptik. I in Hungary nadybat it in due time when there in construction crew was.

But... one after another.

In original option this dish is called “a bean fyyuzelek“ . “Bean“ in translation into Russian - “haricot“. And the term “fyyuzelek“ Hungarians unite quite big group of recipes in which as gas station - a thickener it is used so-called “ðàíòàø“ - the flour fried on animal fat and divorced cold water or milk.

A bean of a fyyuzelek it will be necessary for preparation for us:
- haricot half a kilo;
- a bulb (it is better big!) and 4 - 5 garlic gloves;
- on two tablespoons of pork fat, sour creams and half is less - torments;
- two incomplete glasses of cold water.
Well, and seasonings, by itself. Couple of leaves of a lavrushka, a half of a teaspoon of caraway seeds full - a paprika (ground fragrant red pepper), and two - mustard. Salt and other spices - to taste.

We fill in haricot, onions, garlic, caraway seeds, bay leaf, mustard with water and we cook to readiness of bean. What will depend in many respects on what their option we will take as a basis. The frozen haricot since its softer grades are in such a way preserved, as a rule, prepares quicker and easier. And it is not necessary to presoak it. But, despite these, apparently, clear advantages, personally I prefer everything - dry. The habit, probably, affects.

From dry, of course, fuss it is more. But - not much more. In order that to kill her, 2 - 3 it is quite enough hour. In the morning rose and first of all - was engaged in haricot. Washed out, filled in with cold water and left aside. Until cleaned teeth, made a breakfast, washed the dishes … And time left. It is possible to put haricot on a plate. In the same water in which it was also presoaked. And not to salt. No way! Otherwise haricot as culinary specialists speak - “zadubet“. That`s all secrets of dry haricot.

As whether frozen whether dry beans will be ready, waters in a saucepan has to remain with a small stock - somewhere is one centimeter higher than their level. About rantash - we remember a thickener? Here, just its time came.

For a start in what deep bowl we mix sour cream and a paprika with water. Then we warm properly fat …

Yes, use of fat of an animal origin, most often pork, - one of characteristics of Hungarian cuisine. Probably, nomadic roots of these people have an effect. At us, especially in the north, many hostesses are against a smalets prejudiced. Therefore if someone is confused by pork fat - any problems! Quietly replace it with vegetable oil more habitual to us.

Properly we warm fat (or oil!) also we roast on it the flour. As soon as it gets light-a brown shade, we put aside a frying pan from fire, - another we give minute to contents slightly podostyt and, stirring slowly, we part it earlier prepared water sour cream - paprikovy mix.

We add the gustenky liquid which turned out as a result to a saucepan to haricot, properly we mix … Even minutes 10 we boil on weak fire, prisalivay, we try … How, it is ready?, It seems, and. It is possible and to display on plates.

Here Hungarians have special rules too. All fyyuzelek, and ours - not an exception, move on a table in soup plates. And it is necessary to eat them with spoons. And here with what - there are practically no restrictions. It is possible with meat, it is possible with sausages, it is possible with sausages.

Fyyuzelek - excellent addition to any kind of meat and meat products which can diversify a garnish component of our table. And that all potato, potato … To which in which - that centuries, occasionally will sit down next rice or macaroni. Here the bean fyyuzelek will also keep them the worthy company.

However, garnish … It is one. And if to it also what it has to supplement!

He agrees. Meat - too is important. And about how to prepare it, we as - nibud will surely talk. But - another time. How, there are no objections?.