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Whether there are geniuses in large families?

Family, even seven I! It is a lot of children, cares, “diapers will begin and for what to complicate the life?“. There are no funds for worthy education of children. Isn`t it? Or it is stereotypes of modern laziness? Let`s take families with five children and more though now three children there is already a lot of.

Twice the Nobel Prize laureate, the physicist - the chemist M. Sklodovskaya - Curie was the fifth child in a family of teachers .
the Fadeless writer A. P. Chekhov was the third of five children in a family of the dealer .
the Head of Bolshevik party, the founder of the USSR V. I. Ulyanov was born in a family of the inspector of national schools in which, besides it, five more children were raised.
the Artist I. E. Repin was the fourth child in a family of the soldier (?) in which was born seven children.
the Nobel laureate, the physiologist I. P. Pavlov came from spiritual a family in which ten children were born.
the Great chemist D. I. Mendeleyev was the last, the seventeenth the child in a family of the outdoor adviser . In 13 years was left without father. It is put on legs and sent to science by mother M. D. Mendeleyeva who became the hostess of a glass zavodik.
you will laugh. But the superdesigner of small arms M. T. Kalashnikov was also the seventeenth the child in country to the Altai family. The family was recognized as kulak and repressed by eviction to the Tomsk region.

It at us in Russia (USSR), and at them as?

the National hero of the American people, 16 - y the U.S. President, the liberator of the American slaves Abraham Lincoln was the second of five children in a family of the poor farmer .
the First U.S. President George Washington was the third of five children in a family of the planter .
the Animator Walt Disney was the fourth child from five in a family of the farmer .
the Composer Ludwig Beethoven was the first of seven children in a family of the singer .
the Composer I. S. Bach was a younger, eighth child in a family of the musician .
the Unique singer Robertino Loretti was born in rather poor family with eight children.
the Showman Michael Jackson was the seventh of nine children and suffered in the childhood indignity .
the Actor Mal Gibson the sixth child from eleven in a family of the worker - the railroader .
the Nobel laureate, the physicist Ernest Rutherford was the fourth child from twelve children in a family of the farmer .
the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was the second of 13 children in provincial Corsican to a family. 4 of his brothers and 3 sisters who became lived up to mature age: Joseph Bonaparte, king of Spain; Lucian Bonaparte, prince Kanino and Muzinyano; Elisa Bonaparte, great duchess Toskanskaya; Louis Bonaparte, king of Holland; Polina Bonaparte, Gvastalla`s duchess; Carolina Bonaparte, duchess Klevskaya and Gerome Bonaparte, king of Westphalia.
the Singer Mireille Mathieu - the first of fourteen brothers and sisters in a family of the bricklayer .

As you can see, families different, with different prosperity and the social status. The reasons of such effect consist, generally in early development of communicativeness and a habit to work in children from large families. Plus, of course, its majesty case!

U me five grandsons, and at the daughter are enough funds for their very versatile education. God grant someone from them will become the considerable person though this way is very hard.