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Whether the feminism is necessary to us?

Feminism can be characterized the phrase: “Have it coming“. When the woman declared the rights, she had to defend still them, having angered this most all terrestrial population of men. As in any undertaking, there were both difficulties, and excesses. For example, the representative of feminism could file a lawsuit against the man who passed her in the doorway. But whether it is absurdity?

various manifestations of feminism Exist. In the normal embodiment the feminism does not give to the woman of advantages, but restores justice. She is not the whole day at a plate, and can be engaged in the work. Many women succeed in career which is more successful, than at men. They can independently raise children if for any reasons there was no marriage.

The term “feminism“ at all very famous, the woman does not want to be enslaved by men, but actually, women are not ready to pure feminism yet. Still the maternal instinct which leads it to care not only of children sits tight, but also to need for love, desire to give the heat to a family, quite often leaving personal ambitions. And until in it there live these feelings, the feminism in it will not get accustomed.

One more reason for which women are not ready to feminism, this unwillingness to be a strong woman.

The strong woman is associated with the personality who passed many tests therefore received vital training. In total - the woman wants to be weak, fragile, womanly that cared for her.

If attack the woman in a gate, and the man at the same time will not intercede for it, then this fact will please only the feminist: its right was not violated and the man did not intercede for it, i.e. did not count it weak. The ordinary woman it will not forgive because in the man there is a wish to see the defender and a support. But the feminism will lead to the fact that men will stop being defenders. The strong woman does not assume that the support is necessary for her.

The man beats the woman, there is nothing offensive, so to speak, equality. Be protected and attack, the amazon! So to ask, “where knights“, it is not necessary. Women, changing, change also men.

Earlier when the man could not hammer a nail in the house, he was considered as the bad owner. This fact it was possible to dishonor long it until he is accustomed to the direct duties. But with arrival of feminism the box with tools will be not man`s accessories, and the general. Here the woman should hammer a nail - let she and hammers! It is impossible to restrain and consider the woman by the weaker sex.

The woman will work on an equal basis with the man, and let the nurse take care of children, looks after, brings up, loves. Mother will come with gifts in the evening. .

In the pursuit of the rights as at men, the woman can lose the main right - to be a woman. The nature put divine function which she so easily refuses in the woman, fighting for the rights with the man. The nature allocated it with beauty that the man idolized her, admired her feminity. The woman also is ready to refuse it. For what? To earn on an equal basis? To be on an equal basis with men?

In a family council yes love is supposed and where there is a war for domination, it is hardly possible to find happiness. The leader in a family has to be one. And if it is the woman, then this not best model of a family.

Accepting feminism positions unconditionally, we lose something important. Refusing the nature, not to forget about the main thing: why we came to this world - behind fight or behind happiness?