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Small lie - big lie?

not to finish speaking, “inoskazat“, guide fog, to cheat, deceive, use cunning... It is so much possible excuses, such sweet and attractive: it is more convenient not to tell the truth, to speak - more honestly. But anyway, all our habits it is from the childhood, and a small lie in adulthood it will become obligatory big lie.

When in the childhood you do not want that you were exhausted to sleep because on the TV there is some very interesting movie about anacondas, you begin to poor-mouth: “I love movies about snakes, well let`s me sit a little still!“ You lay down on a sofa and you stare in all eyes - takes the breath away … Only on hours of the 11th evening, and so inevitably pulls to sleep … But you are not a weakling and you do not give up: you stare the small green small buttons at the screen where the anaconda again eats the stood gaping traveler. Here it creeps to it behind, already opens the snake mouth...

- You what, you sleep?

You fly up, as on a hot frying pan pancake: “Yes you that? I watch the movie!“, and right there you try to catch the events running on the screen, and even to insert some effective phrases, type: “Oho - go! Well it is necessary as all!“. Adults trust, and allow to look further.

When suddenly unintentionally you razkhleshcht a mother`s cup, and on a ring and a roar parents resort, you with horror think of the forthcoming punishment. But mother rushes to you and asks: “Painfully?“. To you - droplets, but you right there begin to cry and lament that the cup fell to you on a leg and perhaps cut it to a bone … To you iron a knee, check and, having calmed down, console you frightened - allegedly. But for a cup did not narugat.

When you do not want to go to school, it is necessary to pretend to be the patient. You begin to cough quietly - so that mother heard. When it approaches, you by a weak voice ask it to bring hot to tea and a thermometer. While in a mug the fruit drink with raspberry jam is poured, you zealously rub a thermometer about the carpet hanging on a wall. Sometimes helps, and you stay at home, giggling with pleasure over schoolmates that now stamp on frost on mathematics.

When you buy to yourself two chocolate bars on money that was given you on rolls, and eat them, together with delivery that had to bring back, you are frightened. You begin to tell right there a story that rolls in the dining room rose in price, absolutely they there from mind of a poskhodila therefore money you did not have. Parents are indignant injustice, and try to call cool. You with horror begin to dissuade them that they did not set up you, and that the bartender will send on you damage and will fill in a soda roll. But mother just is distracted by some business, and decides to call cool later. And you go then three days, both you shiver, and you think and that if understand?

All of them understand, dear friend! Both your small innocent deception, and big deliberate lie. Just they love you, and want to believe that you will sometime change for the better. You will tell the truth, at least, to them - they deserved it.

- I do not smoke. there is no
- I did not take this money!
- In this semester at me everything is normal with estimates.
- Mother, I am not drunk.
- Mother, I will call you.

A small lie - big lie...