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What is Albania interesting by? The cities of Kukes and Lying

Travel across Albania brought us from the city of Kruya into Kukes where we also spent the night in America hotel. Several words about the city to which we got, not only for the sake of to spend the night we got there, but also which - that wanted to be seen...

Before World War II this territory was closely connected with Kosovo. To the city of Prizren there are only 60 km here. However closing of the Albanian borders at the time of Enver Hodzhi led to a rupture of these communications. The situation changed a few years ago when the Serbian army departed from border after the end of war in Kosovo, and tens of thousands of ethnic Albanians who were earlier constantly living in the Kosovy field rushed here, looking for rescue from slaughter of the Serbian nationalists. Now they returned to homes, but within several years of a problem of refugees were a problem of all Albania including Kukesa.

Now it turned into the small picturesque town on the bank of a reservoir of Fiyerz who arose after construction of a dam on the Drin River again. From the South Black Drin falls into a reservoir, uniting with White Drin flowing from the East here. Valley so narrow Drina and unapproachable, as well as majority of surrounding areas.

Kukes - the small town, lives in it 18 thousand people. Long time it was cut off from other country, only narrow mountain roads conducting through numerous passes connected it with other cities, and in the winter any communication with the outside world therefore it could not develop for a long time vanished. Now here the airport is constructed though air traffic is practically absent. Hopes that Kukes will become large transit point as in only 36 km from it there is a boundary transition to Kosovo and the new autobahn passing through Kukes with 5 - the kilometer underground tunnel driven under the ridge dividing Albania with the Kosovan plain that considerably reduces a way there and back is already put into operation. And the construction of the high-speed highway from the largest port of Albania of Durres to Kukes which is well under way has to resolve and an issue of cargo delivery from Kosovo to the sea, and a problem of development of Kukes.

We did not manage to consider the city, stirred dense fog, but what we saw, did not strike us: the usual town which come across in all doomsday. Except the graceful city coat of arms and Skanderbegu`s monument, we did not find anything special, maybe, looked for badly? And only the look from a window of the hall of hotel brought a certain variety an urbanistic landscape. Existence of a minaret in an environment of houses reminds that you appeared in the state where practise Islam. Water tanks on roofs of houses speak about the generous sun which shines all the year round, well, unless, except that day when there were we.

We went towards Shkoder. On the highway the revival demonstrating approach of the city began, and we saw on the mountain of a wreck of an ancient castle - the fortress of the 14th century. At the foot of a hill the picturesque city with the name Lying, cool for the Russian person, lay. It turns out that Lying lies at a mountain foot. The city is located on both river banks Drin, the largest river not only in Albania, but also in the western part of the Balkans. Our car got over on the bridge through the river, and we went along Drin downstream the river. Passed by Mirdit`s hotel, such name carries this administrative district of the country. Soon we parked near the coast where proceeded in small small restaurant.

Well, if in the relation Lying will mention the 14th century, digression to its history is represented curious. It appears, the city ancient, it was founded by Dionysius I Starshim who was a tyrant Sirakuz in the 4th century B.C., and Lissos initially was called. In the 15th century he played an important role in fight against the Ottoman Empire. Now Lying - quite popular resort, about 27 thousand people live in it.

Here wrote the “resort“ city and reflected: all sources of information assure that Lying is on the Adriatic coast. We cannot confirm it, there does not smell of the sea and we did not notice any signs of the sea resort. Perhaps, the sea there also is, but the fact that it not directly behind a village fence is at once precisely.

We sat, listening to stories of the guide about history of this edge, admired slowly current waters of the river, were perplexed that we for networks are transferred from the coast on the coast, and patiently expected when bring us the ordered dishes. The lunch was remarkable, dishes huge, it is impossible to eat all that brought to the normal person, though is very tasty. And price level continues to strike us: the full lunch at restaurant for four people cost us less than 800 rubles, naturally, in recalculation about lek for rubles, it both pleased, and surprised.

After a lunch we walked to the construction which is in Albania really cult - a tomb in which the great hero of Albania Georgy Kastrioti known as Skanderbeg found the last shelter. Exactly here - in Leger, in 1443 he began the fight against the Ottoman Empire and here in 1463 died of malaria, is buried in that tomb which we approached. The tomb constructed more than 500 years ago was not destroyed by winners, time belonged to it more cruelly, and it began to collapse from an old age.

In communistic Albania Skanderbega began to lift on a board as national hero, built the roof rescuing a construction from bad weather, decorated a wall with boards with the coats of arms of the cities which were released by Skanderbeg, established memorial boards.

We appeared in Leger on a holiday, and the tomb - the museum of Skanderbega was closed. It was necessary to go further. This day we had to reach one city of Albania - Shkodera.