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TV as family member. How to look after him and where to it the best place in the house?

Now many people almost really perceive the TV as actual family member. The youth, however, departs from television as a way of carrying out leisure and knowledge of the world further and further, “drives“ at them as they like to be expressed, the Internet. And here people of old age and just lonely, “sit down“ on series, on various current - show, on “ broadcasts our garden“ and so forth. Not a rarity a situation when the TV becomes the only friend and the interlocutor.

Once I talked to the disabled person who carries out the most part of life in a wheelchair. He is a builder, once fell on building from not really big height, but fell unsuccessfully. Injured a backbone, and since then his life was cardinally changed. And so he even admitted that the TV for it - the animated face. He calls it, for some reason, «Klava“, talks to it, asks questions, argues with characters on the screen. The TV means to many much, sometimes it is more, than close people!

So far viewing of television remains in the most mass world way of carrying out leisure. Now the TV is almost in each room of the house or the apartment. Often on kitchen where, in principle, people have to eat, put too or hang up the small (as a rule) TV. And still TV is installed even in bathtubs and, forgive for naturalism, in toilets! It becomes, probably, if at a teleman a lock. That it was not boring during long “sit-round gathering“.

Whether there are certain rules of an arrangement of the TV in our dwelling? As far as it is harmful, this “family member“ with the rectangular screen? Whether stands somehow behind it how for the family member to look after? What

the TV to buy?

Modern TVs are much more friendly

to a human eye and a body, than old lamp and other bulky models. Producers strive for the maximum comfort for the consumer now. The picture on new models turns out accurate, does not shiver as happened often earlier, in the same 70 - e the last century. An eye of the viewer strains now much less, plasma devices are silent, and the lamp device during the work both hooted, and snored, and heated up, and the image “jumped“ and so forth

So the rule FIRST at acquisition of new TV: if finance allows, to take modern model.

Where to watch TV?

good news to admirers of the TV Is: physicians in the different countries of the world came to conclusion that even long viewing of the TV for the adult is almost safe. However, under some conditions.

- Not to install the TV in a bedroom. filled up

Ya itself under the working TV more than once and always it occurs in a pose, inconvenient for a dream. The person reclines, monitors more and more inertly the pictures which are replaced on the screen and then bang - fails in a somnolence. A dream full such rest to call difficult: the pose is inconvenient, the flickering screen lights a face, and light destroys sleep hormone melatonin which, by the way, is also an anti-cancer agent. Therefore you give a silent and deep sleep! It is hard to remove TV from a bedroom, I admit, but if you make it, the dream will really bring cheerfulness and feeling of rest.

- It is not necessary to watch TV at all lying!

A we quite so also adore watching it! But, unfortunately, such case neck muscles strain, supply of a brain with blood is broken, from the wrong position in front of the screen the eye muscle works with tension, short-sightedness develops slowly, can even will develop small headaches. At adults it happens in the minimum volume, but here to children a situation other.

- It is obligatory for children of TV to dose! still an eye is not created by

At children, bodies and systems did not settle yet, all parts of a body grow. Tension of weak eye muscles at long “vigil“ in front of the screen promotes FAST development of short-sightedness because there is an accommodation spasm. So to children small norm 3 hours AT MOST. It is necessary to watch that the distance to the TV screen was not less than 2 meters, and if in the house the big plasma panel, then safely multiply this figure by 2, that is at least 4 meters. So children`s ophthalmologists advise.

The TV can do to children harm not only in respect of health physical. Violence scenes, terrible news, “dismembered body“, sensuality too close to the foul, dull bloody series … Adults have to watch THAT the child looks. Therefore one of rules of the correct handling of the TV says: ANY TV in a nursery !

Do not give in on arrangements of the child to establish to him “though tiny“, but “box“. If you thaw and you will give up, then both sight, and mentality, and development of mind of boys and girls is endangered. But also to deprive completely of children of television too search. If and to call them on viewing, then in the DRAWING ROOM where to the TV the place and where you see as as long looks malyshnya.

If in the nursery there is TV, then the child will not read and develop the imagination any more. And what for? It is given the ready picture on the screen! It is necessary to finish thinking, dream, compose nothing especially.

KITCHEN. TV and kitchen of a thing not joint

Ya had somehow a rest in Sochi, and we appeared on a visit at the local businessman. The TV always worked at kitchen at it. The man himself liked to cook food, to fry meat, to shake up cocktails and other. And all this under sounds of the working TV. Other family members in too breaks between meals looked at the screen. Result: excess weight At ALL.

In kitchen people eat food, prepare, conduct heart-to-heart talks. To the TV there not the place! And so - that is fried, extinguished, tried one, another, again sat right there, looked at transfer. Even researches of TV viewers were conducted and it is proved that those people who watch TV in kitchen are more inclined to completeness, than those who do not combine meal and viewing of transfers.

Care of the TV

the TV is made of plastic and when it long works, also plastic which emits any mean substances to the room heats up. And still that the computer that the TV is collectors of dust. When heating the case dust flies on all room, accumulates on mucous a nose, gets into bronchial tubes, causing also an allergy. An exit - is more often to wipe TV from dust with a usual microfibre rag, hardly damp. For screens we use special napkins for rubbing of screens at least once in day.

Summary: I watched the comedy at TV yesterday and laughed loudly to exhaustion. So, TV can give also positive emotions. Remember that the TV is not so terrible for adults, but for children STRICT restrictions are necessary. An optimum location of a television receiver - a drawing room, in bedrooms, in kitchen to TVs not the place. Wipe the device from dust and dirt more often. I wish you that your “family member“ irrespective of his diagonal served long!