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How on May 17 there passed a gay - parade in Tbilisi?

… The husband switched the TV to the Georgian canal waiting for day news. What was seen in the live mode forced both of us to open mouths in horror - almost the crowd of the excited people stretched to the horizon of the downtown, and towards to them the crowd moved not less, and the second were ready very aggressively, judging by their angry faces.

Shots with police officers flew - it was visible that law enforcement officers in confusion, it seems, they have to interfere with imminent conflict, but on their faces the special desire of it to do somehow was not noticeable … Further an event at total absence of comments developed as follows: the police at last left a stupor and interfered with already serious fight, it is unknown from where the buses beaten taxied up began to be loaded in them hastily. The huge crowd something the shouting people long ran behind buses with obvious intention to catch up and is serious “íàêîñòûëÿòü“.

We with the husband exchanged glances, closed mouths and at the same time asked each other a question: “And what it was?.“

Everything cleared up several minutes when comments went later. We, it appears, watched how in Tbilisi the parade of sexual minorities planned and allowed by the city hall … unsuccessfully ended Still on May 16 with

, having learned about the preparing action, on the TV the Patriarch vseya Georgia Eli the Second acted. I will quote his words with small reductions:
“… The planned meeting of sexual minorities sets as the purpose not the solution of problems of these people, and speculation in this subject. Despite traditional thinking in our country, these citizens can conduct the private life without restrictions.
… Our church considers such people being in a heavy sin which need sympathy, but not encouragement …
… Our people have absolutely other spirit therefore the sharp protest against this action and similar meetings in general is clear.
… We think that the city hall has to take it into account and abolish permission of holding this action in order to avoid serious consequences.
… Also I will tell that the international convention unambiguously grants the right for restriction of similar actions taking into account public interests in order to avoid violence and crimes“.

… Apparently, the management of the city hall decided to show as far as they “are advanced and modern“, and did not consider preventions of the patriarch. And now I will try to tell in details what happened on May 17 on Rustaveli Avenue.

On May 17 the International day of fight against a homophobia is celebrated, the Georgian organization “Identichnost“ also decided to date procession of gays and lesbians along the central street of Tbilisi for this date. As it was already told, the city halls advised not to grant permission, but mister Ugulava, the mayor, loudly declared that he will not limit a constitutional right sex - minorities on holding a similar act. Goodness knows, than it was guided, giving a green light, one can be told precisely - as the person who was born and grew up in Georgia, he perfectly foreknew in what this parade …

To one o`clock in the afternoon when parade already had to move on Rustaveli Avenue will pour out, opposite to representatives sex - minorities the indignant crowd which several times exceeded the number of participants of the action already gathered. Poor fighters for the rights did not even manage to march one hundred meters - opponents of march broke through a cordon of police officers and rushed on them with fists. Police officers not that became puzzled - they were in perplexity and several minutes could not make the decision what to do, whether to look further and not to interfere, whether all - to execute the duties and to begin to separate fighting.

To the downtown tens of ambulance cars were tightened, many buses from nowhere appeared, in them unaccomplished fighters for the rights began to jump in panic, their furious persecutors began to throw stones into windows of buses … Suffered, according to information in a RuNet, it is more than one hundred people, but has to tell that this figure is strongly exaggerated - from competent sources personally I found out that 17 people from whom one suffered seriously are hospitalized. Among the injured several police officers and one journalist.

People, hostile to an action, were not stopped by presence and performance of so-called “high-ranking“ persons. The head of “The center for human rights“, the member of Parliament Teaching Nanuashvili tried to calm the angered crowd, but in response to his performance insults, and departed then at first and stones, and it was forced to escape. Did not manage and without incidents - “under distribution“ the ambassador of the USA in Georgia Bridget Brinck who incidentally appeared in the downtown at the time of carrying out parade nearly got. Opponents of parade pursued its car, they were in full confidence that the American arrived there not just like that.

From opponents the gay - parade there was a large number of representatives of church. Usually reserved and intelligent, priests could not constrain indignation and even rage.

It should be noted that despite existence sex - minorities in Georgia, generally the population of the country is very conservative in respect of tolerance to this phenomenon. It is possible to argue and say as much as necessary, but the fact is the fact - the main population of Georgia does not accept homosexuality and sharply sex - minorities is negative to representatives.

And intolerantly Georgians treat not only ““, but also to foreigners - few years ago in the Georgian village two Germans - the homosexual were beaten, connected and dumped to the river when unexpectedly during a feast they tried to propagandize the “advanced“ outlooks on life.

What to tell finally?... Thank God, everything ended with small losses, could be worse …