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What cats were loved by Ernest Hemingway?

Are probable, the senior generation remembers that in the beginning the sixtieth many Soviet citizens hung up a cult portrait of Ernest Hemingway at home. From a portrait the elderly person with accurately cut small beard in a warm cozy sweater looked at owners.

It looked a little tired, and it seemed that his main desire while it was photographed, was: “Leave me alone though for a minute“. I found such portrait in things of my late grandfather.

Since young years Earnest was brought up as the real man. The father constantly took the son with himself on fishing, the grandfather, having presented to the grandson the gun, made keen him to hunting. When World War I, young Hemingway as the real man began, it wanted to appear on fields of battles. In 19 years he was already at the front, and in a year already came back home to heal numerous wounds.

Many years later when the real man became already famous writer, one small weakness - boundless love to cats was found in him. It is difficult to explain this feeling: can be, he felt in himself some relationship with these animals, but, perhaps, they seemed to it graceful panthers in a miniature. It began on a small island Key West which is located near Florida. The first time Hemingway arrived here in 1920 on the advice of one of the friends. This place so sank down in his soul that in 11 years he bought the house with a big garden here. Exactly here he wrote the most known works: “Snow of Kilimanjaro“, “For Whom the Bell Tolls“ and “A Farewell to Arms“

If the speech about a creative workshop of the writer came, then it is necessary to make small retreat. Earnest was a person with laziness, he liked to spend time on fishing or in the bar with friends. Perhaps, it will seem strange, but he did not like to sit at a desk and to write. He decided “to construct“ himself: established for himself norm - to write 600 words a day, after it it could be free as a bird! For this purpose he constructed the office which reminded rather an a nesting box in the yard of the house. It was possible to get to this construction on very narrow ladder which just right was to overcome only to the sober person. If Earnest was tipsy, then he also did not try to get on a workplace: it was life-threatening.

In 1935 the friend - the captain Stanley Dexter presented to Hemingway of an unusual white kitten at whom on each forward pad was instead of five six fingers. Seamen believed that multidead cats bring good luck. Going to swimming, they took with themselves such cats. Here and the captain Dexter decided to please the friend with an unusual gift which had to “allure good luck“ to the house.

The new owner called the new resident Snoubol (Snowball). Since then in soul of the writer unusually passionate love to cats woke up. In his house cats of “all colors from all volosts“ began to appear over time. There are data that by the end of 1945 in their Hemingway`s manor there were about two tens, and more than a half of them were six-fingered. The snowball was very good producer. “The shestipalost gene“, or a polidaktiliya - a prepotent sign, and it is often inherited. That is why Hemingway`s cats - descendants of the Snowball - fingers standing have more, than at ordinary cats.

In photos of that period when Hemingway lived on the island, he is depicted with cats behind a desktop, minutes of rest and relaxation when he liked to accept on a breast of good wine, and his fluffy favourites were indispensable participants of all “actions“.

After death of the writer his house and park on the island Key West became the museum. The main sight of this museum are cats, them there lives about fifty. All this fluffy company has a various color, among them it is possible to find long-haired and short-haired, large and absolutely tiny. At many of pussies on forward pads up to 6 - 7 fingers, this “inheritance“ which got to them from the founding father of this population of cats - the Snowball.

The majority of cats of Hemingway bear names of stars of cinema, popular variety actors and famous politicians. E. Hemingway laid the foundation of this curious tradition. At different times in the estate of the writer there lived cats and cats with sonorous names: Marilyn Monroe, Winston Churchill, Harry Truman. Now among the population having a tail there are celebrities: Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Charlie Chaplin and even Pablo Picasso. Attendants of the museum every time should strain to choose a name of some celebrity for a newborn kitten.

It is possible to tell about confidence that cats are full owners of the estate. They live in the house, sit and lie everywhere: on chairs, a desktop of Hemingway, to several electees is permitted to have a rest on the writer`s bed. Moustached - striped do the house and park live. It seems that owners left for a while and here - here have to return.

In the house the special feeding trough which cats can visit at any time, and several drinking fountainlets is constructed. One of them was samolichno made by Ernest Hemingway, having adapted for this purpose the old urinal from the neighboring bar! This fountainlet still works, and cats with pleasure satisfy from it thirst.

At the time of Hemingway in the territory of park the cat`s cemetery was organized. On each mogilka there is a plate with a name and dates of life of the died cat.

A few years ago over the cat`s population of the memorial estate of Hemingway big threat hung. Under the law of the State of Florida each owner can have in property no more than 4 cats who have to be held only at home or in the closed open-air cages. With the claim the department on agriculture appealed to court. In the statement of claim it was claimed that the museum has no special license for keeping of animals and shows cats to visitors for money. The lawsuit lasted several years, but employees won this process. Officials recognized live cats of Hemingway by historical and national property of the USA!

Many tourists visit Key West to see Hemingway`s cats. And what cats, are glad to guests? They got used to attention of visitors. Some of them allow to stroke themselves, and the most courageous jump on knees, are turned by a ball and begin to sing the simple song. It is the best moment to take the picture for memory …