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Nonalcoholic wine. In what its advantage for the population?

“From nonalcoholic beer nearby and to the rubber woman!“ - somehow on one of radio stations the showman Nikolay Fomenko joked long ago. For some reason it is considered that nonalcoholic beer - it is bad, artificial, unnatural. But unless better when the person drinks usual beer every day and in large quantities how he does youth now? very artful beer alcoholism which, by the way, leads to formation of effeminate men and reduces chances to become the father So is earned with


Not so long ago on our counters nonalcoholic wine appeared. At first this drink seemed me incredible nonsense. How so? Wine which is born from a grapevine which naturally wanders which was used even by Jesus Christ … Wine is considered its blood. And suddenly it here the wine loses the most essence - wine alcohol! Horror! But, having tried this drink, new to us, I was softened and I believe that such product has the right for existence too.

To taste it, of course, differs from classical, but distinction it is not critical. But from it - you will not become an inveterate drunkard. It is the first plus . When the person drinks nonalcoholic wine, the feeling all the same remains that it is wine, but not aerated water. Color of usual and nonalcoholic wine is identical. The word “nonalcoholic“ speaks for itself. That is in drink there is few alcohol (there are 0,5%). Where it was put? Wine alcohol - a basis of any wine and if it is absent, what then with it was made?

Let`s remember one property of usual alcohol. It is very odorous and flying product! Spill spirit tincture of the same hawthorn on a floor, and the smell long will soar still, despite careful airing. And if also to heat alcohol, then it leaves liquid at all. When heating to 75 degrees alcohol evaporates, and the production technology of nonalcoholic wine, and in all the rest technology here the same, as at usual wine is based on it. But alcohol disappears not one. At production of nonalcoholic wine from raw materials also sugar cleans up. So, if usual semisweet wine, we softly tell, nonalcoholic wine absolutely other business is not recommended to the same diabetics, then!

It is the second plus nonalcoholic wine: in it there is few sugar.

Further. Wine as scientists proved, especially red, in moderate doses interferes with formation of atherosclerotic plaques. The main thing that consumption had no character of it which is described in a joke: “Speak, the glass of red wine brings benefit. Today I already seven times brought benefit to the organism!“ Anyway, in wine-making regions at people much less heart troubles, vessels, than in vodka. The matter is that wine contains polyphenols which do not allow to be oxidized to cholesterol, and vessels remain pure. Pure vessels - healthy heart.

Here it it is wine. At first sight, it to drink and drink, especially to aged people. But because in usual wine there is an alcohol, elderly people are not recommended to drink wine. Over the years the stomach of the person works worse and worse, and age patients are almost always burdened by gastrointestinal tract diseases, here is still frequent both pancreatitis, and stones in kidneys, an unhealthy liver and other. That is the alcohol is an additional blow to elderly bodies. And nonalcoholic wine - without alcohol , and it it is possible “to drive“, in principle, without restrictions, sitting at the same dacha in a rocking-chair. Will influence at the same time an organism in the salutary plan it is not worse classical, including to protect from atherosclerosis. It is the third plus nonalcoholic wine.

Fourth plus : nonalcoholic wine perfectly helps a gastrointestinal tract to cope with heavy food. It contains special apple and wine mineral acids which help to digest food. Especially to those people at whom owing to age or diseases of a gastrointestinal tract it is not allocated enough the gastric juice any more. And the same wine acid perfectly splits protein. The person drinks natural nonalcoholic wine, and the food is easier acquired.

Of course, nonalcoholic wine cannot replace the present “Burgundian“, we will tell. Or present of “Tsinandali“. It so. But also on these dear grades on labels contraindications are specified: it is not recommended at diseases of a liver, kidneys, a gastrointestinal tract. And here on nonalcoholic wine of such restrictions you will not read! Because there is few alcohol. You will not remove all alcohol from wine in any way therefore there are always 0,5%. But it is a miserable amount. So if the person wants to drink in the company with friends or relatives a glass of wine, but on medical indications usual wine under a ban, then just and wine nonalcoholic comes to the rescue. Moreover, it still makes also medical impact on an organism as we already mentioned above.

What nonalcoholic wine it is better to choose? Looking to what dish you plan to give it.

If meat like pork, beef, veal is made, then here red most true approaches. It is traditional to wash down fish dishes with white wine better. White wine the most tasty as it seems to me when it young, years one and a half - two endurance. If red wine than is longer stored, it is better for those, then with white all differently. Than the age of white wine is higher, it is worse than subjects.

Upon purchase of nonalcoholic wine if it is about white, look at light through a bottle. No deposit should float at the bottom.

As well as any wine at long storage, nonalcoholic does not love either solar, nor electric light. It is better to keep a bottle in lying situation, in the dark, it is possible to give it a small bias. In an inclination the stopper of a bottle is washed, but does not dry, as at storage in vertical position. Cool wine in the refrigerator only before giving on it influences a table because long storage and cooling of wine in a cellar or the refrigerator is harmful.

During a summer heat the glass of cool white wine is delightful, but actually wine - not beer, not vodka which only benefit from cooling. And the most tasty wine nevertheless is closer to room temperature as personally it seems to me including nonalcoholic.