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Across what European lake it was possible to pass, without having wetted boots?

Here it is only not necessary to shout so loudly and in a voice to be indignant on the fact that “it cannot be because can never be“. Can. Very much even can. Not without reason these places are entered in the list of world cultural heritage of UNESCO. Cultural! And not some there Madrid or Vienna yard, but world. You feel scale? You realize?!

A here what places are and in what specifically the old woman`s corner - Europe they are registered, so here and does not have a secret any.

On North - the West of Hungary there is a lake. And if who gets to those places, by, believe, will not pass. Not small … Not so small it. On 36 kilometers will extend a reservoir from the North on the South. And its width … To measure depending on where! There are places where from the coast to the coast to float and float. Kilometers 12. And is where and it is twice less. So if suddenly who will decide everything - suit a heat from east coast to western, then for a start it would be advisable to look round. To optimize a movement route.

Though … Here though optimize

though … Of course, places the lake can be crossed. But … Only if och - chen it is careful. And with a certain caution. And that you never know - frontier guards behind bushes. The lake on the border with Austria to which share 240 square kilometers of total area of a water mirror fall and it makes 315 And if to take the calculator in hand, to subtract at first, and then to divide and increase on 100, then it will turn out … It will turn out that 76% of the lake - Austrian. And, respectively, only 24% - Hungarian.

It is also called in each of the countries differently. Hungarians on the cards designate it as Fertyo. Well, and the Austrians - Noyzidlerzy. But also those, and others equally are proud of it. And as! In Hungary this second-large lake, after Balaton. And in Austria, so in general - the first. Because what in Europe is larger than Fertyo - Bodensky and Geneva lakes so it already outside the Republic of Austria.

However, the reservoir has also shortcomings. Well, and who in this life without sin?.

In - the first, water in the lake … Salty. And not just salty, and it is very strong. Strongly salty. However, if on the other hand to look, then this minus rather easily on plus is transformed. Of course, in a teapot it is better not to fill in this water. But Fertyo - the most western saline lake of Europe.

But here, in - the second … With depths there are defined nuances here. Very much it superficial, is Fertyo. It is easier to pass it, than to cross. Average depth of a reservoir - is less than a meter. Maximum - even falls short of two meters. Falls short the whole 20 centimeters.

And falls into Fertyo at all its huge area of everything … two streams. Vulka and Rakosh. Plus earlier the lake in Hugo - east, Hungarian, parts had a drain to the basin of the rivers Slaves and Danube. And as the summer hot and droughty, is not surprising that water level in Fertyo strongly fell. Sometimes to a zero mark. Dried up the lake, simply speaking.

The very first mention that Fertyo completely dried belongs to Pliniya`s feather - the senior. The first, but not the last. The last was in 1866 when from one coast, at desire, easily passed to other people, even without having wetted boots.

So can rather there could be it. Here already - hardly.

The matter is that in 1956 it was created special interstate avstro - the Hungarian commission for which set the task - to control water level in the lake and not to allow its full drying. And that … Animals, birds, fishes can suffer. Also ecological stability of a biogeocenosis will be broken.

Here the commission since then also works. Regulates a drain to maintain water level at some set level.

However, it not always at it turns out. Here in 1965 as loaded pouring rains … Both poured, and poured. All summer. Water in the lake also rose by 35 cm. And in 2003 - on the contrary. Though the cloudlet what on the lake would run and would dig from it … So not. Well, water level also dropped by 30 cm. But that the lake in general dried up, so it is already nearly one and a half centuries --.

Well, the wild beasts different and are enough. Especially as in 1991 in these parts organized the Hungary`s first national park - Fertyo - Hanshag. And on that side of border today it is adjoined also by the Austrian analog - national park Noyzidlerzey - Zeevinkel.

And to the people too on that lake - in pleasure. Water of Fertyo not just salty. Shchelochnozemelny. And on the coast of a reservoir there and here different beaches, bathing zones are scattered. And if the first and with the second to put … The excellent resort area as a result turns out! About which not only Hungarians well know.

It seems that in Europe one we remained who about those delights of the lake - neither a dream, nor spirit. And in vain, in vain …

So if suddenly who will decide. Will collect a traveling bag, will make on the Internet a reservation in what hotel or hotel in advance and will wave to Fertyo … Is given to me that it will have no occasions to regret about it.